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Putting Yourself First with Gratitude



Happy Monday! My latest episode from The Center of Gratitude Radio Show is now available on demand! In this episode, I teach you how to implement a Metacognitive Practice to ensure that you not only make the list, but that you permanently occupy the top spot. You deserve to live an Ultimate Life and in order to create one, it all starts with YOU! Spend 15 Minutes on Yourself – get a pen and get ready to become #1!

Click here to listen to Putting Yourself First with Gratitude and remember –

Every day is Thanksgiving, when you’re living with gratitude!


Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Enlightened Master, Host of The Center of Gratitude Radio Show and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.


©Global Gratitude Group 2017. All Rights Reserved.


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Lead Yourself to an Ultimate Life


Welcome to Thankful Thursday!

In keeping with the theme of my next podcast (which airs LIVE on Monday, February 20th at 10:00a EST), this article is also about Leadership. Today, I’m guiding you to lead yourself to create your Ultimate Life!

In the corporate world, an effective leader has a vision and includes their team members in its development. They direct their teams how to operate in order to achieve the vision and see the manifestation of the vision through to completion.

The process of creating your Ultimate Life is the same! With clear, focused and honest thinking, you determine your vision of what your unique, Ultimate Life looks like! Just like a corporate leader directs their teams how to operate in order to achieve the vision, you direct yourself how to operate in order to achieve your vision.

If your Ultimate Life contains only positive people, positive circumstances, plenty of money, easy living and basking in the sunlight of each and every day – it’s up to you to start thinking of those items, in the way that you want them to be in your life, as your life.

To have plenty of money, you must stop declaring how broke you are or how tight things are for you in this moment. As long as you believe something to be true, it will be – whether it’s what you currently see or something you want to see in your future.

To be surrounded by positive people and positive circumstances, you have to choose to focus on and highlight everything positive in and as your life, NOW. If your aim is to live easily and carefree, then you absolutely must stop stressing yourself out and start treating things in your life (with care, of course) as you plan to when you don’t feel as though such circumstances are so worrisome or anxious. (Personal note – when I start to feel overwhelmed or like I am on the path to feeling overwhelmed, I play my “Cruise Vacation” playlist and I am immediately transported to the middle of an ocean, surrounded by people who are also carefree and basking in the sunlight. Nothing changes a stressed-out tone better than steel drums!)

To be your own effective leader and to bring yourself closer and closer to achieving your vision depends on your minute-by-minute behavior and what you choose as your perceived reality.

You’re right. That does sound like a lot of work.

I have to tell you – creating your Ultimate Life is a process that never ends. If you are breathing, you are creating. Once you get the hang of the behaviors you need to assert in order to achieve your vision, it won’t seem like work at all because it will just become your lifestyle! The transition is so seamless you won’t even realize that you’re consciously doing it. The best part is that if you start to revert, you’ll notice – and with lightning speed, you’ll be back to living with gratitude in your Ultimate existence.

Need a motivator? Think of a corporate project. You have a team meeting, you receive the delegations and you come to learn your role in the scope of the vision. As time goes by, you may not fully understand why the company is heading toward achieving the vision, but you trudge along because it’s your job. Suddenly, a significant cash incentive is offered if the project can come to fruition ahead of schedule. Now the extrinsic (exterior) motivator is in full swing and the team makes a collective effort to finish the job – to achieve the vision.

With creating your Ultimate Life, determine what your extrinsic or intrinsic (inner) motivators are and USE them to inspire you to continue with your concentrated efforts along the way. To help sweeten the pot, throw in similar motivators that are in the same categories as the main motivators.

If one of your Ultimate Life extrinsic motivators is to live with complete prosperity, visualize your life with an unforeseen force removing a debt or bill from your life. Perhaps it shows up as someone offering to treat you to lunch or to coffee – there are no “small” gestures as even the smallest gestures can mean the most. As always, the best way to begin receiving your Ultimate Life is to GIVE of yourself, creating positive feelings that pave the way for your Ultimate Life to develop and manifest as your reality.

Lead YOURSELF to YOUR Ultimate Life! Begin the process and continue it with me, with gratitude! Together, we CAN change the world!


Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Enlightened Master, Host of The Center of Gratitude Radio Show and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.


©Global Gratitude Group. 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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Happy Friday!



Happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week with gratitude!

Reminder! On MONDAY I am going to be LIVE ON THE AIR at The Center of Gratitude discussing how to eliminate negativity from your life! Block out 15 minutes and tune in so you can start your week “with gratitude!”10:00a EST and you can click here to listen!

I also want to update you on how you can connect with me:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, The Gratitude Guru Website

***Mark your calendar!*** On Monday, February 6th I am going to have a special, 30 Minute episode which is my “Monthly Motivation with Gratitude!” My monthly motivators are powerful, uplifting, inspirational! Give Motivation a standing ovation and join me to set your own course for February as well as for creating your ultimate life! If you would like to call in with your questions, dial 646-564-9757 during showtime or you can post your questions to any of the above-linked social media outlets!

If you could use a positive, life pep talk, do not miss this episode!

Thank you for listening!



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He Who Angers You, Conquers You


Officially and with gratitude, I wish you all a glorious 2017! This is my first post of 2017 and as I look at the date, this month is sailing by! I hope you took some time to enjoy your holidays and that you have been able to focus on your direction for this year. On Friday, January 13, I had the unique privilege to guest host The Networking Diva Hour with Janiece Carlson. To listen to the full show, click here. Janiece and her listeners are embarking on a Year of Gratitude – one of which I was honored to kick-off as her first co-host of 2017.

For a great many, 2016 was a tough year. While there’s no getting around it, we don’t have to continue to focus on it. So many of us find great solace and relief when we are able to remove the current calendar from the wall and put up a fresh, full, crisp display of potential. Out with the old and in with the new!

In the United States of America, we completed an election year that left most confused and bewildered, seeking guidance and support from everywhere except the primary location it should come from. It’s hard to support an elected official you don’t respect; especially when they’ve shown you at every turn that they are a walking, talking, demonstration of hatred and selfishness. That is not my opinion – that is a fact. What I will offer you, as my contribution of guidance and support for you (as well as myself in this very odd, often difficult situation) is a challenge.

As we know, nothing happens by accident. There are no coincidences. On a universal level, what has transpired and what continues to transpire is not just happening to Americans; it’s happening to the world. Americans are not on Earth alone, while it often feels that way given our geography and social programming – what we see and are exposed to via mainstream Media. My challenge is to open your minds with me. Let’s wonder why this course is the one we’re navigating. What significance will come to light via the actions of those in the spotlight? #45 knows he is despised because of his hatred and self-serving ways, but it is his narcissism that will deflect and defer all negative attention spewed at him, therefore it makes no sense to spend more of our lives aimed at tearing him down, or anyone else for that matter.

“He who angers you, conquers you.” – Elizabeth Kenny

After two months of processing the continued reactions and actions of the Citizens of The United States of America, I have the following unbiased, impartial observation to share:

  • Hate + Hate = Hate
    • Hate cannot be combatted with hate. It just creates more hate. No one is able to entertain a different way of thinking, perhaps one of love, if everyone is focused on hating.
  • Hate + Love = Choices
    • When hate is met with love, it doesn’t necessarily surrender but its impact does dissipate. The conversation changes. It is no longer about someone hating something and someone else hating that someone supports something different than they do.
  • Stop hating – period.
    • The only way that this great, big world of ours is ever going to get and stay better is if we stop hating altogether. Hate is taught, it is not inherent. Hate is not genetic, but it is passed down from generation to generation. You have a choice and by choosing to replace hate with ignorance or love, you break the cycle of demonic behavioral infection that has gripped too many for too long.
  • Change the conversation by your actions
    • Stop violent protests. By all means, protest! But be responsible and be respectful of others and keep your cool. Say what you have to say and represent what you feel but be civil! Stop rioting and setting things on fire. Stop taking our police officers and firefighters away from their families so you can march down the street, yelling at the top of your register. Yes, it feels good to be heard, but it feels even better to do something about how you feel. I keep hearing, “I’m just so angry – I’m so upset – how can people support such hatred?”

Are you against hatred? Then demonstrate love! TAKE ACTION! GIVE LOVE!

Go pay your blessings forward by actively and noticeably treating others with love – no matter who they voted for or side with. We are all affected, we all matter and if we don’t unite WITH GRATITUDE for everything else in our lives, then hatred wins.

Are you going to allow hatred to overtake and consume you and your life?

Come on! Get your friends to actively give love. Get your kids to actively give love.

LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Go sit next to someone who is persecuted by the Media and find out who they are and LEARN about them and how they contribute to your community.

Wear your safety pin and be a beacon of light and love and be welcoming when someone looks like they may need your help or a friend.(Tip – if you don’t want to keep putting holes in your clothes, close the pin and at any craft store you can buy very small, flat, round magnets which you can use a backing for the inside of your shirt or blouse. Wear your safety pin like a name tag.)

“Do unto others…” right? People! This isn’t hard. This is how we’re inherently wired and it’s high time to get back to the core of who we are. We are human beings, we are all here together, we are all here to coexist and to get better, together.

The time for happiness is NOW.

The time for joy is ALWAYS.

The time for you to create your ultimate life, has come. Join me! We’ll do it TOGETHER!

 Global Equality


Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Enlightened Master and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.

©Global Gratitude Group. 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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Ultimate Travel – Pack Your Gratitude


With just one gesture, you can ensure wonderful trips no matter where you’re going, every time you travel.

Before any departure, pack some “Thank You” cards. You don’t need to be a traveling popup Papyrus store; but a few will guarantee great travels. (Shout-out to the people of Papyrus – love your stuff!)


When you pack with gratitude, you are sending feelings of gratitude ahead of you, which will come back to you as circumstances you experience that you will feel grateful for. When you’re on a long flight or one that is potentially stressful or turbulent, you may have a flight attendant who goes above and beyond to ensure your comfort and happiness. Learn their name, write them a card before you deplane telling them what they did to make your flight wonderful – and you’ll make their day. If you’re a business traveler or people in your company travel frequently, leave your business card in the envelope. You never know who you’ll meet again along the way. Plus, the next time your company requests your input for new ideas, you can share this practice with them. Being known worldwide as a company who puts its people and gratitude first can only help productivity!

When you pack with gratitude, you are expecting to have circumstances to be grateful for. How many times have you been on a cruise or had an extended stay at a hotel where the staff was just fantastic? You had every intention of writing to thank them when you got home but life happened and you just forgot. Rather than forgetting or leaving a note on the little hotel notepad, leaving a handwritten card expressing your gratitude will certainly make it home with them and will keep them inspired to keep doing a great job.

This life of yours is 100% your responsibility – make it great. When you make your life great, you experience infinite circumstances to be grateful for! The ultimate way to travel and the ultimate way to live, is with gratitude!


The time for happiness is NOW.

The time for joy is ALWAYS.

The time for you to create your ultimate life, has come. Join me! We’ll do it TOGETHER!

 Global Equality


Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

Dr. Bergstrom is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Enlightened Master and The Gratitude Guru



© Global Gratitude Group. 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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Create Your Ultimate Life with Gratitude! – A5 – Part Two


Happy Tuesday! I hope that you had an ultimate Monday!

Let’s review a couple vital pieces before we continue with A5, okay?

  • Your life is meant to be ultimate.
  • It’s up to you to determine what you need and what you want in your life and as your life in order for you to declare that it is “ultimate.”
  • By living with gratitude, you WILL create your ultimate life!

Yesterday, I introduced you to A5 (which is derived from The Bergstrom Method) and its first “fifth” – Accept.

“In order to create my ultimate life, I accept that I must first activate my Center of Gratitude. Because I am centered in gratitude, I think wonderful thoughts and feel wonderful feelings. My wonderful thoughts, paired with my wonderful feelings are creating my ultimate life.”

If you can accept this, you can create your ultimate life. Your life circumstances as you see them right now are the results of what you have thought and what you have felt.

Today, I am giving you the second “fifth” to the formula which is: Adjust.

Once we accept something into our conscious thinking, we are admitting that it is a real thing and that it is happening.

When acceptance occurs, adjustment begins.

This is why it is so imperative to accept the fact that your thoughts and feelings are creating the life you are living.

To accept this means that you are accepting the responsibility of conscious control of the outcome of your life. With acceptance comes adjustment, so get ready to make some decisions!

The primary adjustment that comes with acceptance is the decision to think consciously.

Conscious thought differs from subconscious thought because it pertains to the thoughts you literally hear yourself think. These are the thoughts that you are totally tuned into, totally paying attention to and totally feeling. Most of us are unaware that the thoughts and feelings we experience begin on the subconscious level and through our feelings, make their way to the prefrontal cortex.

If we can recognize what we are thinking and feeling, we will be able to easily realize when we are both in and out of alignment with what we have decided we want. Because we are consciously thinking, we can consciously choose to adjust how and what we are thinking and feeling.

Living ultimately is to always create from your Center of Gratitude. If you experienced unkind thoughts earlier today about someone else or had thoughts of dread and misery, you experienced life results that are aligned with what you were thinking about some time prior. The life results you experienced were not in alignment with what you have expressed that you truly want, which is to live ultimately.

By consciously thinking, we can identify and recognize that we experienced the given circumstances because of what we thought and how we felt. By consciously thinking, we are empowered to adjust what we are thinking and how we are feeling to be in better alignment with our ultimate goal.

Adjusting our thoughts is just as important as accepting responsibility for creating your life. What’s the point of accepting responsibility for creating your life if you don’t identify and make the necessary adjustments to achieve your ultimate life?

Accept. Adjust. And the third “fifth” is released tomorrow!

Stick with me and stick with A5!

By the weekend, you’ll have a specific guide to creating your ultimate life with gratitude. It is going to become so evident to you that when you implement these five “fifths” you’ll create your WHOLE, ultimate life!

See you tomorrow!


The time for happiness is NOW.

The time for joy is ALWAYS.

The time for you to create your ultimate life, has come. Join me! We’ll do it TOGETHER!

Global Equality


Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru



© Global Gratitude Group. 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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