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Make Up Your Mindset with Gratitude

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Welcome to The Center of Gratitude! As you begin to read this, take some deep, quality breaths in and out and permit yourself five minutes of peace to read this, absorb it and apply it to your daily lifestyle of living with gratitude.

If you would like to further today’s message, it is available as a fifteen minute podcast, featured here.

I hope that you’ve been well and I want to let you know that as we go forward with this month, I have a personal goal to send my life-changing content out to you on a more regular basis. So, please stay tuned for future articles from me as you should be seeing them more frequently!
In today’s article I will:
Discuss the human Psyche and its primary components
The relationship between the conscious and subconscious parts of the Psyche with respect to Gratitude
Teach you how to identify when the Ego is deterring you from manifesting that which you desire
Teach you how to overcome the trickery of the Ego to ensure a steadfast behavior with proper expectation of manifestations
Teach you why knowing about how your human Psyche works is right up there on the importance scale with the vitality of “Beginning with Gratitude.” Today’s content will provide science as well as guidance from me to teach you WHY your thought processes create your life – thus giving you every incentive to both consciously and subconsciously desire creating your Ultimate Life to live at The Ultimate Level. Here we go!

There’s no doubt in my mind that throughout your days, you hear the words “Thank you” expressed to you for something you did. There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ve been instructed by people of influence in your life to “be grateful.” And there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ve felt great about giving to receive the “thank you” and that you’ve felt the desire from within to express gratitude, yet, I am willing to bet that you have a vague understanding of the power of gratitude. It’s okay! It’s not your fault! It’s just that no one ever explains it! Maybe they don’t really know. Pardon this non-scientific expression, but until today, and until I became The Gratitude Guru, Gratitude has been done very halfass.

There are journals for Gratitude. There are notebooks and workbooks and people of notoriety proclaim how being grateful has propelled them into superstardom and fame; yet they never really say how. Have you ever noticed that?

There are few books about Gratitude that explain, in a roundabout way to fill pages, why we should be grateful, but still – I maintain, very halfass. Today, I am teaching you what no one shares. It’s not complicated – so let’s learn and get moving on creating Ultimate Lives!

Today is about science and guidance so let me give you a little science and then my guidance to drive it home. We’ll do a couple rounds of this. Get that pen ready – here’s the first part.

Write this down – The Ego

The Ego is the only conscious part of the human Psyche. The Ego determines exactly what you would associate with its name. Self opinion, information, beliefs, etc. There, that’s the short science. Now for the guidance and how it relates to Gratitude.

Back to what I say all the time – thoughts become things. Write that down if you haven’t – thoughts become things. So since thoughts become things, we have to explore the essence of thought.

Here’s the deal. The Ego is the only part of the Psyche that thinks or operates on the conscious level.

The other components are subconscious, which means that we can access those thoughts at any time, it’s just that they are not the front and center, here and now thoughts that we are addressing second by second. Okay? Not hard. So, today, Ego and Subconscious.

Back to the Science – the Ego gets its messages, as explained by JournalPsyche.org, “The ego is just one small portion of the Self, however; Carl Jung believed that consciousness is selective, and the ego is the part of the self that selects the most relevant information from the environment and chooses a direction to take based on it, while the rest of the information sinks into the [sub]conscious. It may, therefore, show up later in the form of dreams or visions, thus entering into the conscious mind.”

And that, of course, was referring to the incredible Carl Jung and his Model of the Psyche. This means that what we think about in the Subconscious, and focus on, is transmitted into the conscious, where the Ego is functioning, and it’s up to the Ego to choose the most relevant information from the environment and which direction to take based on it. Therefore, if you have a conscious perspective in a negative circumstance, your Ego is going to extract the most relevant info from that situation (the negativity) and direct you to respond to either join in the negativity or to run in the other direction.

The Guidance –
By focusing on what you want just before going to sleep, as New Thought author Christian D. Larson wrote, you take those thoughts and desires into your subconscious where they are focused on until you wake up – often affecting your conscious state, or impacting the Ego where the Ego will choose to encourage manifestation of your creation or destroy it with an alternative feeling.

Allow me to give you an example –
Let’s say you are looking at images online or in magazines of something you want. Maybe it’s a little too expensive for your current reality. But you take the desired thoughts and wishes for what you want into your sleep cycle, into the subconscious; and you wake thinking of it and get excited that you’re going to manifest it because you now know how to do that from my teachings and the teachings of others in my field.

There is one potential glitch – your Ego. The Ego can, if not redirected, jump right to its memories of prior instances where you wanted something that was a little too out of your range and it reminds you of those instances, causing your great feelings to drop and essentially tossing aside any productive, encouraging thoughts that would support the overall manifestation of acquiring that new item you were so yearning for. Our Egos can be real jerks sometimes!

So how do you get around your Ego? You have to know what you really are. You’re a multipart Self, which collectively contributes to the Psyche. The Ego is one small part of the Psyche, while the great majority of your Psyche, of everything that determines your hopes and dreams, is subconscious. So you can either choose to let your Ego win, that little stinker, or you can choose to know better, inherently, and command your Ego to listen up and pay attention because the rest of your Psyche feels otherwise. “And Ego – you better make it happen because we outnumber you!” Soon enough, your Ego will give in and agree that you should get what you’ve asked for. Then by the power of the Law of Attraction, that which you thought about, with great feeling, will be brought about, also delivering great feelings of achievement!

You must MAKE UP YOUR MINDSETwhat do you really want and how do you really think and feel about it? When you hear me to say to you that you are creating your Ultimate Life to be lived at The Ultimate Level, what kind of life components come into your view?

As you have your pen there, write this down – MULO – it’s My Ultimate Life Outline and that is your order form for the Universe that delivers everything you ask for. Get specific, get clear, strike things out if you change your mind or enhance their descriptions; this is all about YOU. You can’t build an Ultimate Life or live at The Ultimate Level if you don’t know what you need or want in order to qualify your existence as Ultimate.

So, Gratitude is more than just being grateful. Just being grateful is a halfass attempt at living ultimately. If you want your individual Ultimate Life, you will create it because you now understand how your Psyche works. It is because of the activity of the thoughts you think on both conscious and subconscious levels that your Ego gets the power to choose. The subconscious doesn’t have that power. The subconscious merely submits ideas and suggestions based upon focused thought and observations and it is the Ego that decides what you receive. This is why you are filling out your MULO while you’re awake and conscious – because your subconscious has submitted ideas and you, along with your Ego, are combing through the suggestions to determine what you would like, what you would not like, what you ultimately desire, etc.

In his book, The Great Within, Christian D. Larson provides my summary for today’s teachings. He wrote, “The subconscious has the power to work out any problem, and find the exact answer to any question, at the time designated by the conscious mind; in fact, no problem is ever worked out by the conscious mind alone; the subconscious gives the real secret in every instance, though it is the conscious mind that makes the practical application.”
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Thank you so much for joining me! Coming up on Monday, June 12th at The Center of Gratitude Radio Show, we will celebrate this month of Pride, with a special honoring and remembrance of the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting that is approaching its one year anniversary, by talking about how to access your human pride from “within.” We will celebrate our universal diversity with love and gratitude, as we all deserve to be free to exist as we need to in order to feel 100% whole.

With Light, Love and Gratitude,

Dr. B



Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Dr. Johnny Bergstrom, is the Host of The Center of Gratitude Radio Show, Doctor of Metaphysical Science,  Enlightened Master, World Traveler, Author, Blogger, Volunteer and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.


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