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Lead Yourself to an Ultimate Life


Welcome to Thankful Thursday!

In keeping with the theme of my next podcast (which airs LIVE on Monday, February 20th at 10:00a EST), this article is also about Leadership. Today, I’m guiding you to lead yourself to create your Ultimate Life!

In the corporate world, an effective leader has a vision and includes their team members in its development. They direct their teams how to operate in order to achieve the vision and see the manifestation of the vision through to completion.

The process of creating your Ultimate Life is the same! With clear, focused and honest thinking, you determine your vision of what your unique, Ultimate Life looks like! Just like a corporate leader directs their teams how to operate in order to achieve the vision, you direct yourself how to operate in order to achieve your vision.

If your Ultimate Life contains only positive people, positive circumstances, plenty of money, easy living and basking in the sunlight of each and every day – it’s up to you to start thinking of those items, in the way that you want them to be in your life, as your life.

To have plenty of money, you must stop declaring how broke you are or how tight things are for you in this moment. As long as you believe something to be true, it will be – whether it’s what you currently see or something you want to see in your future.

To be surrounded by positive people and positive circumstances, you have to choose to focus on and highlight everything positive in and as your life, NOW. If your aim is to live easily and carefree, then you absolutely must stop stressing yourself out and start treating things in your life (with care, of course) as you plan to when you don’t feel as though such circumstances are so worrisome or anxious. (Personal note – when I start to feel overwhelmed or like I am on the path to feeling overwhelmed, I play my “Cruise Vacation” playlist and I am immediately transported to the middle of an ocean, surrounded by people who are also carefree and basking in the sunlight. Nothing changes a stressed-out tone better than steel drums!)

To be your own effective leader and to bring yourself closer and closer to achieving your vision depends on your minute-by-minute behavior and what you choose as your perceived reality.

You’re right. That does sound like a lot of work.

I have to tell you – creating your Ultimate Life is a process that never ends. If you are breathing, you are creating. Once you get the hang of the behaviors you need to assert in order to achieve your vision, it won’t seem like work at all because it will just become your lifestyle! The transition is so seamless you won’t even realize that you’re consciously doing it. The best part is that if you start to revert, you’ll notice – and with lightning speed, you’ll be back to living with gratitude in your Ultimate existence.

Need a motivator? Think of a corporate project. You have a team meeting, you receive the delegations and you come to learn your role in the scope of the vision. As time goes by, you may not fully understand why the company is heading toward achieving the vision, but you trudge along because it’s your job. Suddenly, a significant cash incentive is offered if the project can come to fruition ahead of schedule. Now the extrinsic (exterior) motivator is in full swing and the team makes a collective effort to finish the job – to achieve the vision.

With creating your Ultimate Life, determine what your extrinsic or intrinsic (inner) motivators are and USE them to inspire you to continue with your concentrated efforts along the way. To help sweeten the pot, throw in similar motivators that are in the same categories as the main motivators.

If one of your Ultimate Life extrinsic motivators is to live with complete prosperity, visualize your life with an unforeseen force removing a debt or bill from your life. Perhaps it shows up as someone offering to treat you to lunch or to coffee – there are no “small” gestures as even the smallest gestures can mean the most. As always, the best way to begin receiving your Ultimate Life is to GIVE of yourself, creating positive feelings that pave the way for your Ultimate Life to develop and manifest as your reality.

Lead YOURSELF to YOUR Ultimate Life! Begin the process and continue it with me, with gratitude! Together, we CAN change the world!


Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Enlightened Master, Host of The Center of Gratitude Radio Show and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.


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Adjust Your Focus – Change Your Life


As the world is aware, the current political race for President of the United States of America has tensions running high and is creating quite a division among Americans.

Where there is tension, there is drama. Where there is drama, there is negative energy that is being emitted, transmitted and multiplied. Because energy is not something we can always see, we have to gauge our behaviors by how we feel. If you surround yourself with people who just aggravate you with their drama and their negativity, you are surrounding yourself with an incredibly high amount of energy that will do nothing but consume you too.

That is, if you are unaware.

If you are aware of the difference between positive and negative energy, you will be able to feel it instantly. The minute your stomach turns, that’s a clear indicator of negative energy. The minute you feel overwhelmed with joy or love that you could be moved to tears – that’s positive energy.

Once you have identified that you are beginning to be consumed by the negative energy of others, no matter the provocation, the fastest way to ‘get right within’ is to return to your roots. By leading a lifestyle deeply rooted in and guided by Gratitude, you can immediately turn those negative feelings off and turn the positive feelings on.

No one wants to feel bad – but if you’ve never truly understood how to control feeling great, it’s easy to understand why that may be challenging.

The minute you feel yourself thinking the wrong thoughts and feeling those awful feelings, verbally declare, “ENOUGH!” and begin with the question, what can I see right now that I am grateful for?

I am Grateful

As you begin to answer, repeat the question over and over – answering each time with a different response.

The faster you can find what you love, the faster you can feel love and the faster you can love how you feel!

Adjust your focus and change your life.


Global Equality

Together, we CAN change the world!




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