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A Phantom with Gratitude


On Saturday, I attended a matinee of The Phantom of the Opera at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach, FL, USA. The performance was wonderful and the cast and crew did incredibly well.

Initially, we were seated in the Mezzanine and in the very front row. While the view was unspoiled it came at the cost of dizzying heights and discomfort. We were invited by friends of ours and we hadn’t thought to ask specifics of where we were sitting – we just went with the flow and were grateful that we could attend the show with them.

After about five minutes of trying out our seats and realizing it wasn’t going to happen, we inquired with an usher nearby and she suggested we check with the Box Office to see if we could change our seats.

We went all the way downstairs to the Box Office, waited in a short line and inquired if we could move. After some behind the scenes discussion, the ticket agent returned and shared that for a nominal fee we could move our seats to the center orchestra level, of which she proclaimed were, “great seats!” With Gratitude as my guide, great seats must equal grateful seats and I couldn’t wait to see where we’d been moved to.

With absolute gratitude we paid the difference and breathed sighs of relief that we could sit lower and enjoy the show without fearing for our lives up in the Mezzanine. As the show began, it hit me. These new seats were the perfect seats from which to watch the performance. We had the two closest to the aisle, yet still center and instead of a basketball player sitting in front of me, there sat a well-behaved, short, child. I could see clear to the stage without any obstruction. As it always is and always has been, Gratitude was in charge yesterday and is completely responsible for taking us from dizzying heights to front and center to enjoy what we so anxiously wanted to see.

Thank you, GRATITUDE!

With Gratitude as your guide, what you create in and as your Ultimate Life is always up to you! Start living with gratitude, now!


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Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Enlightened Master, Host of The Center of Gratitude Radio Show and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.


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