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Thanks-a-Latte Thursday: Happy Birthday to YOU!



It’s Birthday Week!!!

If today is your birthday, Happy Birthday!!  If your birthday is coming up, Happy Birthday!!  And if your birthday for 2017 has already passed, Happy Belated Birthday!! Speaking of birthdays that have already occurred this year, how’s this year going for you? Has your birthday wish come true, yet?

Wishes are so wonderful, so full of hope.  I never understood how naysayers would say, “wishes are wishes – that’s all they are”, as if to say wishes never come true.  Maybe they haven’t come true yet for THOSE people and you know what? As long as they think wishes don’t deliver, for them, wishes never will.

I am grateful on this Thanks-a-Latte Thursday for many, many components of my life and I want to celebrate today, by giving thanks for our ability to reflect and look back, with gratitude.  As I was going through my past year, my year of Gratitude from my Gratitude Jar rivaled a ream of paper!  I am so grateful that I looked back and I am now able to feel enthusiastic about thriving ahead!

I am grateful for every birthday.  I am grateful for the life lessons learned each year, for the new friends I make and for the achievements I have made.  One mark of achievement was that in less than 90 days, I rode more than 1,000 miles at my favorite indoor cycling studio, CycleBar!  Through my passion for exercise, I have met so many wonderful people and for them, I am extremely grateful.  My marriage is thriving, filling more and more with love each day.  My family is always growing closer and each of us is enjoying success in our own realities.  Everything is absolutely wonderful.  Now, that’s worth celebrating!

Your takeaway today is to treat every day like it’s your birthday.  Entitle yourself to every incredible thought, deny yourself nothing – as long as what you truly desire can be obtained by your choices.

Remember to consciously expect what you ask for – if you’re not looking for it, it can’t possibly show itself.

Give “a-latte” thanks today and everyday, from your Center of Gratitude and you will create your Ultimate Life at The Ultimate Level!

With Ultimate Gratitude,

Dr. B


Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Dr. Johnny Bergstrom, is the Host of The Center of Gratitude Radio Show, a Doctor of Metaphysical Science,  Enlightened Master, World Traveler, Author, Blogger, Photographer, Volunteer and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.


© Global Gratitude Group. 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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Thanks-a-Latte Thursday: Perspective of Abundant Prosperity



Perspective: Abundant Prosperity


What is “Abundant Prosperity?”

Abundant Prosperity is a state of being; it’s a result of similar thoughts and feelings; but most importantly, it’s a perspective.

A perspective is how any one person views anything. Most commonly, people either have a positive or negative perspective. So today, I want to share my gratitude, my “thanks-a-latte” for my perspective of Abundant Prosperity.

My perspective of Abundant Prosperity is just as valid as a negative or positive perspective; except an Abundant Prosperity perspective is one that results from direct and deliberate intention, while the others seem to occur a little more effortlessly.

To live in the state of Abundant Prosperity, one chooses to look at the bright side of everything – period! As a person who thrives from maintaining this perspective, I do not allow myself to be distracted by circumstantial elements that might get me to think in any way other than positively.

People ask me all the time, “How are you always so positive?” I tell them that it’s because I choose to be. So many people are consumed by negativity and years ago, I used to be as well. It wasn’t until 2012 that I really confronted my negative habits and negative attitude and I am so glad I was able to completely redirect and shift my focus to the bright side because today, I am the happiest version of myself I’ve ever known.

Everything in my life is beautiful. I wake up with a beaming smile each and every morning; I wake up next to the man who looks at me every day like he’s won the lottery; I worry about nothing; I surround myself with positive, upbeat people who vibrate on the same energy frequency that I do; I seek out and applaud gestures of selflessness and giving; I touch the lives of everyone I meet through my smile and gentle heart; and I take absolute pride and solace in the honest truth that I am someone from who plenty of people want to soak up brightening energy. To experience all of this as my life, shows me that I am living my Ultimate Life at The Ultimate Level and it is because I decided to see my life and my potential from the Perspective of Abundant Prosperity, and I will continue to elevate my existence as long as I live.

I wish you “a-latte” Gratitude today and every day! Today is meant for you – however you want it to go. Give thanks in advance for the day you want to enjoy, not endure; and pay your grateful fortune forward so that others will feel as incredibly as you do!

Thanks-a-Latte for reading! Have a grateful day!

Dr B.

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Thanks-a-Latte Thursday!



It’s Thanks-a-Latte Thursday! To celebrate Thursday this week, I would like to share with you a direct excerpt from my Gratitude journal yesterday. Today’s Gratitude is being written now, as I have my morning latte moment to myself.

I wanted to share this excerpt from yesterday just to show you how simple it is to write from a stream of consciousness, with no limits, boundaries or guidelines. Just you, paper, and a pen. If you prefer to make it digital, go for it!
“Thank you for yet another gorgeous day in paradise. Thank you for my family, for my friends, for every smile and warm-hearted gesture sent my way. Thank you for every functioning air conditioner that keeps me cool as this South Florida Summer heats up. Thank you for enlightening me to begin with gratitude so that I may feel full and whole from the beginning, which then gives me everything I need to give of myself to others. Thank you for showing me from within that I am enough, I am valued, I am worthy, I am loved, I am needed and I am, ultimate. Thank you for my health. Thank you for my fitness. Thank you for my role models. Thank you for my internal alarm clock that always keeps me punctual. Thank you for life changing events. Thank you for quality time with my mom. Thank you for every morning and every evening with my husband. Thank you for my freedom from negativity. Thank you for emancipating me from drama and feeling the need to concern myself with issues which aren’t mine. Thank you for beautiful juices made just for me by people who look forward to seeing me each week. Thank you for giving me abundance at every turn, furthering my life with prosperity and joy. Thank you for filling my life so that I may share my gifts with others. Thank you for spreading the word about my podcast to everyone around the world so they, too, may learn how to create an Ultimate Life. Thank you for showing me The Ultimate Level. Thank you for teaching me how to allow the noise in order to silence it. Thank you for encouraging daily meditation, multiple times per day, for five minutes each time. I love being centered with Gratitude and I love that I have unlocked the power within me to shape my life exactly how I know and want it to be. Here’s to another day at The Ultimate Level with my Ultimate Life, living, ULTIMATELY!”

Excerpt from the Gratitude Journal of The Gratitude Guru for June 28, 2017.

So as you sip your latte or your coffee or your tea or even your matcha – give “thanks-a-latte.”

With Ultimate Gratitude for your time –

Dr. B


Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Dr. Johnny Bergstrom, is the Host of The Center of Gratitude Radio Show, Doctor of Metaphysical Science,  Enlightened Master, World Traveler, Author, Blogger, Volunteer and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.


© Global Gratitude Group. 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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Setting Your Focus with Gratitude

Begin with Gratitude

Thank you for another day. Thank you for the sun, the rain and the gentle breeze. Thank you for all of the love that surrounds me this and every day. Thank you for the coffee in my cup and the bed I just slept in. Thank you for my consciousness of living at The Ultimate Level and for my constant ability to decide to live ultimately. Thank you for every act of giving administered by others and thank you for the grateful receiving experienced by the entire world.


Set Your Focus with Gratitude

As we come together this Sunday, I am so grateful for your attention to my giving of Gratitude and I am so excited to share what’s happening at The Center of Gratitude Radio Show tomorrow, June 19, at 10:00am. The topic is “Setting Your Focus with Gratitude” and I am discussing the purpose of setting goals; the pros and cons to setting “challenges” which don’t often work; comparing diet mentality and behaviors to lifestyle change mentality and behaviors; and I will discuss how to alter challenges and short-term focus into livable, habitual, repeatable, daily lifestyle practices that will maintain the goals that you have achieved, allowing you to constantly set new and different goals. I will also explain, exactly, how to change your approach to setting goals so that once you accomplish it, you maintain it – and never have to strive for the same goal again.

The Ultimate Level

Next week you’ll gain insight into The Ultimate Level – you’ve seen and heard me talk about The Ultimate Level for quite some time and coming up next time at The Center of Gratitude, I will reveal exactly what The Ultimate Level is, how it will elevate your life to an unprecedented degree of joy and everything else you need to know in order to create your Ultimate Life at The Ultimate Level.

Thank you for your gratitude! Have a grateful day!



Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Dr. Johnny Bergstrom, is the Host of The Center of Gratitude Radio Show, Doctor of Metaphysical Science,  Enlightened Master, World Traveler, Author, Blogger, Volunteer and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.


© Global Gratitude Group. 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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Manifested! Now What? Maintaining Your Ultimate Life at The Ultimate Level



Welcome to The Ultimate Level! With my podcast, I teach listeners all over the world how to improve their lives with Gratitude. If you’re ready to make your life even more ultimate than it is, you’re in the right place.

As a Metaphysician, my primary focus is to teach the Law of Attraction, and my method is founded upon doing so by teaching Gratitude, since it is my philosophy that Gratitude is the Gateway to Greatness.

Coming up in this blog post, I am going to address what to do once you have manifested what you have requested with The MULO. “I’ve manifested what I thought of, now what?”

An important note to remember and reiterate while you read each and every post is that thoughts become things; what we think about, we bring about; and everything we want and wish for begins with gratitude, from The Center of Gratitude.

By the end of this post, we will:

Quickly review The Bergstrom Practice of designing and planning your Ultimate Life

Review The MULO and have a MULO review for your past requests to ensure that they are still what you want in and as your Ultimate Life.

Learn what to do now – how to go about each day, now that your Ultimate Life is a living and breathing reality – further fine tuning and designing your new, ULTIMATE lifestyle.

If you’re new to The Center of Gratitude or new to the Law of Attraction, I use Gratitude as a Gateway to teach the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction says, (write this down), that “Like attracts like” – so essentially, what you think about, you bring about. Remember?

Because what you bring about is a mirroring of what you’ve been thinking, everything in your life exits because of you. Everything my life exists because of me, and everything in everyone else’s life exists because of them.

What you think about, you bring about appears again and again throughout my teachings and you will gain more and more clarity during our time together about how to access the Gateway to Greatness that is, Gratitude.

If you’re familiar with my specific teachings, you’ve no doubt created something that looks like or fully resembles your Ultimate Life, and now that I’ve taught you how to create it, you’re probably wondering what happens next!

Let’s Review The Bergstrom Practice

Part One – Think It.

Begin with Gratitude. You begin with Gratitude by thinking of what you want in and as your Ultimate Life.

Part Two – Design It.

Create your Ultimate Life with Gratitude by designing The MULO (My Ultimate Life Outline). You create your Ultimate Life with The MULO and then by living with Gratitude every minute of every day, you create the energy that acts as the building blocks of your Ultimate Life.

Part Three – Live It.

Living with Gratitude. Your attitude of gratitude immediately becomes your lifestyle because of how you are thinking and feeling based on what you desire to manifest. Your lifestyle creates how you feel and what you think about. Once you become conscious of practicing living with gratitude, you begin to see that you are living the Ultimate Life that you designed.

Part Four – The Fourth and Final – aka “Ultimate”

“Maintaining Your Ultimate Life with Gratitude” This is where we realize, “I did it! Now what am I supposed to do?” This is where a lot of people get stuck. Today, we are emphasizing the Fourth and Final part of Creating Your Ultimate Life with Gratitude! To arrive at the Fourth and Final, very briefly, let’s go back to the beginning.

In the very beginning, I told you that creating your Ultimate Life is never finished. We think of what we want, we design our Ultimate Lives around what we want, we then live our lives with gratitude and our realities shift to allow for the inclusion of our new requests. Finally, our new requests are delivered in and as our Ultimate Lives, which are synonymous with manifestation.

When you are in the Fourth and Final, and there’s a reason why I call it that – when you’re in that stage, you are in the final stage of achieving the specific request that you made. That’s your primary achievement, while you may enjoy the delightfully unforeseen, simultaneously.

Be thrilled that you’ve manifested, but keep in mind that your work isn’t done – it’s only just begun!

In Episode 12 of The Center of Gratitude Radio Show, called Accounting for Your Greatness, I directed you to think of creating your Ultimate Life like a master-planned community. The details and direct parallel to creating your Ultimate Life with Gratitude can be found from the 10:00 minute mark to the end, spanning about five minutes of total listening if you can’t listen to the whole fifteen minutes of the episode.

Each desire that you have, each thing you want to create and each circumstance you want to design for you to soon enjoy – they are all individual projects. They each have four parts and you can remember them by thinking: Think it, Design it, Live it, ULTIMATE!

Ultimate is your Fourth and Final. Keep in mind that each creation that you want to manifest is a four-part process. The Fourth and Final is the most important part of the process, but why? It’s the ULTIMATE step! It’s where all of your focused efforts come to fruition. This is where the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of circumstantial improvement blend together to construct the vision and deliver the finished, or manifested, product. It’s just the same as if you were to newly landscape your patio, courtyard or garden area. You think that you want new plants, you design the space around the new plants and you then enjoy your new garden. But something’s missing! Weren’t there four parts? Oh that’s it! You water! You wouldn’t just do all that thinking, designing and living without nurturing your creation and choose to abandon your new manifestation, would you? What a waste!

(In my episode, Planting Seeds of Prosperity with Gratitude, I talk about designing your Garden of Prosperity and if you would like to listen to that fifteen minute, life-enhancing episode, click here.)

So you see – your Fourth and Final is the ULTIMATE and most vital stage of The Bergstrom Practice. It’s the stage of the process that gives life to your visions, to your thoughts and to your designed-to-be-ultimate life!

Let’s Review The MULO

Rather than make this post unnecessarily lengthy, you can now review The MULO in full, here.

We know that great thoughts paired with great feelings create greatness, so it makes absolute sense that by being conscious and present to think the great thoughts and feel the great feelings continues to create ULTIMATE life circumstances that keep you living at The Ultimate Level.

I hope you’re listening to my podcast, The Center of Gratitude Radio Show, with new episodes airing every Monday at 10. If you’ve not yet listened, no worries! I am re-airing my five favorite episodes for the month of May as I will be on a mini World Tour with Gratitude, promoting my Practice. If you’re in Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden or Austria for the second half of May, MAY-be I’ll see you there!

Thank you for your constant support and remember – every day is Thanksgiving when you’re living with gratitude!



The Center of Gratitude Radio Show


Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Dr. Johnny Bergstrom, is the Host of The Center of Gratitude Radio Show, Doctor of Metaphysical Science,  Enlightened Master and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.


© Global Gratitude Group. 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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A Phantom with Gratitude


On Saturday, I attended a matinee of The Phantom of the Opera at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach, FL, USA. The performance was wonderful and the cast and crew did incredibly well.

Initially, we were seated in the Mezzanine and in the very front row. While the view was unspoiled it came at the cost of dizzying heights and discomfort. We were invited by friends of ours and we hadn’t thought to ask specifics of where we were sitting – we just went with the flow and were grateful that we could attend the show with them.

After about five minutes of trying out our seats and realizing it wasn’t going to happen, we inquired with an usher nearby and she suggested we check with the Box Office to see if we could change our seats.

We went all the way downstairs to the Box Office, waited in a short line and inquired if we could move. After some behind the scenes discussion, the ticket agent returned and shared that for a nominal fee we could move our seats to the center orchestra level, of which she proclaimed were, “great seats!” With Gratitude as my guide, great seats must equal grateful seats and I couldn’t wait to see where we’d been moved to.

With absolute gratitude we paid the difference and breathed sighs of relief that we could sit lower and enjoy the show without fearing for our lives up in the Mezzanine. As the show began, it hit me. These new seats were the perfect seats from which to watch the performance. We had the two closest to the aisle, yet still center and instead of a basketball player sitting in front of me, there sat a well-behaved, short, child. I could see clear to the stage without any obstruction. As it always is and always has been, Gratitude was in charge yesterday and is completely responsible for taking us from dizzying heights to front and center to enjoy what we so anxiously wanted to see.

Thank you, GRATITUDE!

With Gratitude as your guide, what you create in and as your Ultimate Life is always up to you! Start living with gratitude, now!


Global Equality

Gratitude is Changing the World!



Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Enlightened Master, Host of The Center of Gratitude Radio Show and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.


©Global Gratitude Group. 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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Planting Seeds of Prosperity with Gratitude – Podcast



Happy Global Outreach Day! (Monday) The Center of Gratitude Radio Show aired this morning and if you missed it, you can listen to today’s podcast episode here. Just scroll down to “On Demand Episodes” to select. (Note – If you listen on a mobile device, turn it sideways and at the bottom of your screen a small cloud will appear indicating the option to download rather than stream.)

Today’s episode is my TENTH episode since embarking on this journey in radio broadcasting and I want you all to know how truly grateful I am that you value what I share with you enough to give me an ear for 15 minutes. I purposely design my episodes to how my listeners live their lives, so if you’re trying to earn steps for a fitness tracker or you have a dog to walk, just download the episode before you leave your WiFi and by the time you’re done, you feel so much better for so many more reasons than if you had not listened at all.


If you have an idea for an episode, a question or feedback, I would love to hear from you! Also, since there are so many of you following my blog (thank you!) from all over the world, I’d love to know where you’re listening from.

With the podcast service, Blog Talk Radio, if you make an account (it’s totally free and there are no endless email pushes) I can see where in the world you’re listening from and I can incorporate what’s happening in your part of the world in my upcoming episodes. Further, I am The Gratitude Guru promoting GLOBAL Gratitude and knowing that I’m reaching the far corners of the world would be very fulfilling for me. Again, and infinitely, THANK YOU!


Global Equality

Gratitude is Changing the World



Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Enlightened Master, Host of The Center of Gratitude Radio Show and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.

©Global Gratitude Group 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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All Access, Ultimate Travel with Gratitude


Gratitude is your All Access Pass to the VIP experiences that await you in and as your Ultimate Life! I teach people all over the world how to create Ultimate Lives with gratitude and traveling with gratitude is a key component to manifesting the ultimate travel experiences that you desire.

In this article, I am sharing with you my Four Fundamentals of Traveling with Gratitude and showing you how to create, manifest and maintain VIP status in all of your journeys.

I love creating my All Access passes. That’s exactly what creating your Ultimate Life is all about. Creating your very own, All Access pass to everything you experience. An Ultimate Life is about having infinite, limitless access to everything and everyone you want to be connected with. No matter what you want, the Law of Attraction delivers exactly what you want and exactly what you ask for. It is essential that you understand your role in traveling with gratitude. To assist you in creating and gaining your access, here are my Four Fundamentals of Traveling with Gratitude.

The Four Fundamentals of Traveling with Gratitude

Thank you cards.

First and foremost, I cannot stress the importance of a thank you card. By packing a box of thank you cards in your suitcase, you are powerfully sending energy ahead of you to the experiences that you are expecting to have, that you are expecting to have such experiences that warrant the desire to express sincere thanks or follow up with at least one person or group before your trip has ended. I advise that you bring the cards with you because it’s very hard to follow up with many people who you meet along the way, by postal mail or other means of connectivity. Sure, there’s social media and the like – but who’s to say you want to maintain contact with them? Maybe you just want to thank them and have your gratitude stand out and mean something. There’s nothing like knowing you’re “unforgettably grateful.”

When you thank someone on a cruise ship, for example, who may see and interact with on average, 4000 people per week, your note of gratitude will stand out in their mind, making you unforgettably grateful. This is especially important if you frequent an industry, sticking with the cruise industry as I cruise a lot – among others, I thank people in the Hotel Department and in Guest Services. They constantly move from ship to ship and you never know where they’re going to pop up next.

I’ve had several reunions with cruise ship employees from our initial ships together to subsequent ships years later. And they have told me, I still have your card and I’ve thought about you from time to time, wondering where I’d see you again. And that makes me feel great, knowing that out of the hundreds of thousands of passengers they meet annually, they remember me. And they aren’t just saying they remember me – they cite specific memories of events that transpired where they remember me from. If you know that you’re going to spend some time in a specific location and you will most likely encounter the same people over a period of days, learn names early and make notes about the wonderful things they do so you can specifically praise them later in your card. We all carry smartphones now and they all have a Notes app; there’s no need to carry pen and paper. You can even dictate your notes!

“I need your help.”

There is no easier way to get what you need from a customer service representative by using those four simple words. “I need your help” is a request, it states a need and not a demand, it allows someone to help you which allows them to ultimately feel like they did a good deed – they helped you. Sure, it’s their job to do so, but there’s a human element to adding a personal touch, like lending a hand to cure someone’s need by an action only they can do. “I need your help” works for me every time and always gets me what I need, when I need it and I typically receive more than I originally needed because of the generosity of the person providing me with care that has surpassed mere “assistance.”

You’re never alone when you travel with gratitude.

Gratitude is all about relationships because Gratitude is humanity. Without other people, we would have a lot less to be grateful for. Note the importance of others and by showing sincerity when acknowledging their role in your ultimate journey. We don’t travel alone. You’re not booking your plane ticket with yourself on the other end of the phone, you don’t check your own bag and load it onto the plane yourself, you don’t pat yourself down through a TSA screening, you don’t act as the gate agent and you aren’t flying the plane. You can see where this is going.

There are numerous, countless people involved in the process of getting us from A to B and it’s our attitudes about everything from A to B that will ensure an ultimate journey. With all whom you meet, look them in the eyes and once you’ve locked eyes for that split second of realizing you’re looking at each other, say with sincerity, “Thank you.” Allow for another split second for your gratitude to hit them and wait for their responsive smile or other gesture and be on your way.

Ultimate Planning with gratitude.

When we plan, we think. When we make travel arrangements, whether we are booking airline tickets, hotel reservations, cruise itineraries, global excursions, etc., we are thinking. We are thinking of who we want to be with, what we want to do, where we want to go, when we want to travel, why we are traveling, and how we are going to make it all happen. Traveling is all about logistics and there is one vital detail that cannot be overlooked and cannot be left at home; it’s Gratitude.

By involving gratitude at the very beginning of the planning phases of any trip, for any purpose – even if it’s just a trip to the market – there is planning involved. The market is a quick and easy example so let’s start with that. You know you’re going food shopping, you know where you’re going to perform the shopping, you know that you will need money and shopping bags to fulfill the purpose of your travels, you determine who is going (is it just you, are there others?) and you figure out how you’re getting there and back. Of the Four Fundamentals, the planning fundamental is the biggest. Just about everything we do involves some kind of planning, which means that everything we do involves thinking. What you think about, you bring about.

If you are traveling, think about how you want to feel at the beginning, during and after your travels. Do you want to feel happy? Energized? Excited? Safe? Able? Carefree? How do you want to feel? What do you want to experience in order to feel those feelings? How do you want you travels to go? If you think about how you don’t want them to go, the Universe doesn’t differentiate between wants and don’t wants – it only knows what you think about and focus on; ensure your focus is only on what you DO want!

If you want to have an amazing journey, and you want to have a first class experience the entire time, your thinking needs to be in line with what you want with the expectation that such will manifest. Do you need to book and pay for a First Class airline ticket in order to get a First Class seat assignment? Nope. Can you book your basic ticket and be upgraded to First Class, furthering your All Access Pass to an Ultimate Life? Absolutely! Do you need to book and pay for a suite on a cruise ship in order to have one? Nope. Can you book a basic fare and think your way up to the suite life? Absolutely! I do it all the time. Do you have to have your home traffic patterns down to a science in order to not get stuck in traffic? Nope. Can you think of a stress and congestion-free traffic experience and expect to live that experience in the near future? Absolutely!

No matter what you want, big or small, it all resides in your mind. The thoughts, the planning, the abilities, the ACCESS – is all in your mind. The faster you can understand that and the faster you can allow yourself to have your ACCESS GRANTED, you will be on your way to creating and living your Ultimate Life each and every moment of each and every day!

Join me on Monday, February 27 at 10:00a EST for my radio show episode of Ultimate Travel with Gratitude on The Center of Gratitude Radio Show! When you are on the website, scroll until you see the Ultimate Travel with Gratitude link. If it’s during showtime, (10:00-10:15) just refresh the screen and you will see a red, LIVE button at the top. Click it and join me LIVE. If you listen after the LIVE air, it becomes a podcast within minutes and is forever available as a free, on-demand download. Thank you!



Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Enlightened Master, Host of The Center of Gratitude Radio Show and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.

©Global Gratitude Group 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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He Who Angers You, Conquers You


Officially and with gratitude, I wish you all a glorious 2017! This is my first post of 2017 and as I look at the date, this month is sailing by! I hope you took some time to enjoy your holidays and that you have been able to focus on your direction for this year. On Friday, January 13, I had the unique privilege to guest host The Networking Diva Hour with Janiece Carlson. To listen to the full show, click here. Janiece and her listeners are embarking on a Year of Gratitude – one of which I was honored to kick-off as her first co-host of 2017.

For a great many, 2016 was a tough year. While there’s no getting around it, we don’t have to continue to focus on it. So many of us find great solace and relief when we are able to remove the current calendar from the wall and put up a fresh, full, crisp display of potential. Out with the old and in with the new!

In the United States of America, we completed an election year that left most confused and bewildered, seeking guidance and support from everywhere except the primary location it should come from. It’s hard to support an elected official you don’t respect; especially when they’ve shown you at every turn that they are a walking, talking, demonstration of hatred and selfishness. That is not my opinion – that is a fact. What I will offer you, as my contribution of guidance and support for you (as well as myself in this very odd, often difficult situation) is a challenge.

As we know, nothing happens by accident. There are no coincidences. On a universal level, what has transpired and what continues to transpire is not just happening to Americans; it’s happening to the world. Americans are not on Earth alone, while it often feels that way given our geography and social programming – what we see and are exposed to via mainstream Media. My challenge is to open your minds with me. Let’s wonder why this course is the one we’re navigating. What significance will come to light via the actions of those in the spotlight? #45 knows he is despised because of his hatred and self-serving ways, but it is his narcissism that will deflect and defer all negative attention spewed at him, therefore it makes no sense to spend more of our lives aimed at tearing him down, or anyone else for that matter.

“He who angers you, conquers you.” – Elizabeth Kenny

After two months of processing the continued reactions and actions of the Citizens of The United States of America, I have the following unbiased, impartial observation to share:

  • Hate + Hate = Hate
    • Hate cannot be combatted with hate. It just creates more hate. No one is able to entertain a different way of thinking, perhaps one of love, if everyone is focused on hating.
  • Hate + Love = Choices
    • When hate is met with love, it doesn’t necessarily surrender but its impact does dissipate. The conversation changes. It is no longer about someone hating something and someone else hating that someone supports something different than they do.
  • Stop hating – period.
    • The only way that this great, big world of ours is ever going to get and stay better is if we stop hating altogether. Hate is taught, it is not inherent. Hate is not genetic, but it is passed down from generation to generation. You have a choice and by choosing to replace hate with ignorance or love, you break the cycle of demonic behavioral infection that has gripped too many for too long.
  • Change the conversation by your actions
    • Stop violent protests. By all means, protest! But be responsible and be respectful of others and keep your cool. Say what you have to say and represent what you feel but be civil! Stop rioting and setting things on fire. Stop taking our police officers and firefighters away from their families so you can march down the street, yelling at the top of your register. Yes, it feels good to be heard, but it feels even better to do something about how you feel. I keep hearing, “I’m just so angry – I’m so upset – how can people support such hatred?”

Are you against hatred? Then demonstrate love! TAKE ACTION! GIVE LOVE!

Go pay your blessings forward by actively and noticeably treating others with love – no matter who they voted for or side with. We are all affected, we all matter and if we don’t unite WITH GRATITUDE for everything else in our lives, then hatred wins.

Are you going to allow hatred to overtake and consume you and your life?

Come on! Get your friends to actively give love. Get your kids to actively give love.

LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Go sit next to someone who is persecuted by the Media and find out who they are and LEARN about them and how they contribute to your community.

Wear your safety pin and be a beacon of light and love and be welcoming when someone looks like they may need your help or a friend.(Tip – if you don’t want to keep putting holes in your clothes, close the pin and at any craft store you can buy very small, flat, round magnets which you can use a backing for the inside of your shirt or blouse. Wear your safety pin like a name tag.)

“Do unto others…” right? People! This isn’t hard. This is how we’re inherently wired and it’s high time to get back to the core of who we are. We are human beings, we are all here together, we are all here to coexist and to get better, together.

The time for happiness is NOW.

The time for joy is ALWAYS.

The time for you to create your ultimate life, has come. Join me! We’ll do it TOGETHER!

 Global Equality


Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Enlightened Master and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.

©Global Gratitude Group. 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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12 Negatives You Can Eliminate with Gratitude – Part 3 of 3


  1. Poverty
  2. Anger
  3. Frustration
  4. Envy
  5. Hate
  6. Fatigue
  7. Sadness
  8. Lack
  9. Depression
  10. Inequality
  11. Inferiority
  12. Sickness

In this third and final part of this series, I am going to teach you how to adjust your reality to eliminate the negative feelings of Depression, Inequality, Inferiority and Sickness from your life.

Gratitude has the power to eliminate Depression. Depression is a perceived reality.

Gratitude has the power to eliminate Inequality. Inequality is a perceived reality.

Gratitude has the power to eliminate feelings of Inferiority. Inferiority is a perceived reality.

Gratitude has the power to eliminate Sickness. Sickness is a perceived reality.


Take a look at these four very unique realities. They are all so different, yet they are all the same. What you look at and recognize as your “life” is your perceived reality. That means that what you are experiencing is “real” – according to you. What is real to you is not exactly real to someone else.

Depression is a big deal, or so it is perceived to be. There are plenty of medications for it, counseling services and other methods of handling what is considered to be a huge epidemic the world over; it’s also quite lucrative for those in the drug industry. Depression, like every other feeling or amalgamation of symptoms, stems from Thought. Depressed thoughts are thoughts that lack spiritual elevation. To think in a depressed manner is to focus on the lack of thoughts or the opposite of thoughts that promote joy and spiritual elevation. When the Spirit is elevated, the release that is experienced is euphoric and so immense that similar thoughts are attracted and similar feelings of euphoria are experienced. Depression is definitely a condition that you suffer from – a conditioned way of thinking that causes you to experience pain and suffering. Depression is a choice; it may not be a conscious choice, but if you’re aren’t choosing joy, you’re choosing its opposite. Contrary to anything else you may have been told throughout all of your experiences with this “condition” – Depression is controllable and it IS fixable – you already have everything you need to eliminate it from your life. Do it!

Inequality is a state, a feeling, a noticeable label and as time progresses, the fight for equal rights among human beings is becoming more and more visible. Throughout the course of recorded history, there has always been bias, preference, segregation, elitism, sexism, racism, phobias, etc. – why? Fear. When groups of people are conditioned by fear, the result is Hate. The fear that is instilled is that the existence of a particular group will disrupt the way of living for other groups. Human beings buy into that notion, they join the masses and the uprisings and they too, want to join the fight to “protect what is theirs.” I’m going to let you in on a little secret. There is plenty of everything, for everyone. There always has been and there always will be. The only ones who can disrupt ways of living are the people who believe that their way of living is able to be disrupted. If your perceived reality is aligned with what I’ve stated above, you will always have plenty of everything – because that’s what you believe to be true in your reality.

Inferiority is a perceived reality. To feel inferior is to allow someone else to seem superior to you in your perceived reality. No one is superior to you – we are all equal. Yes, there are plenty of people who we meet along the way as we progress through life who need gentle reminding that we are all equal and that no one is better than anyone else. To not feel inferior, one has to decide within oneself that they are as awesome as they think those who they used to think were superior to them, are. When you see greatness or superiority in others, take the negativity out of it and ask yourself what it is that you see that makes you feel that they are better, higher or of more value than you. Locate those characteristics, figure out how you can model the great ones in and as your life and move forward. Inferiority will never serve you and it’s best to get rid of it.

Finally, we have arrived at Sickness. As we have seen in the past eleven items, every negative exists because of perception. Therefore, Sickness is no different. Sickness exists in the minds of those who believe that they are always sick, can get sick, etc. Ask the people who proudly proclaim with absolute defiance and certainty, “I never get sick.” See if you can figure out why. What do they do? Health is a state of mind. What starts in the mind is physicalized by the body. This is a perfect example of believing yourself into illness or believing yourself into health.

Whatever you think about, you bring about.

Create your ultimate life “with gratitude” and your life will transform!

The time for happiness is NOW.

The time for joy is ALWAYS.

The time for you to create your ultimate life, has come. Join me! We’ll do it TOGETHER!

Global Equality


Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Enlightened Master and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.


©Global Gratitude Group. 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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