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Thanks-a-Latte Thursday: Weekly Message of Gratitude

Not Taking Gratitude for Granted

This past week has been a test of strength and composure for the people of the Gulf communities of Texas. If you’ve never lost everything, you can’t exactly relate to the feeling of standing in the middle of a shelter or a street, realizing that you only have what’s on your back and in your hands.

Disasters are sobering reminders of what’s important and what is not. Every material object is something to be enjoyed while you’re alive because other than our Spirits, we can take all that stuff with us when we depart this existence.

Whether fire, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, mudslide or natural gas explosion – it sometimes takes one losing everything they’ve ever valued in order to realize that those “things” are replaceable, but what’s truly important, is never destroyed; the Spirit.

I have never personally lost everything, but I deeply understand the gravity of such an awakening and it is that collection of thoughts that reminds me, pre-disaster, to give thanks.

I give thanks at least once per day for my family; my friends; my neighbors; shelter; food; water; clothing; a vehicle; air conditioning; hot water; clean water; fuel for my vehicle; shoes; socks; eyeglasses; contact lenses; toothpaste; a toothbrush; soap; deodorant; coffee; and the rest of my list of abundance that I know my Spirit would survive without but as long as I have each of these and more, I will give thanks.

Gratitude is the Gateway to Greatness. When you remember that being centered with Gratitude is what gives you the thoughts and feelings you need in order to manifest more to be grateful for in your life, you remember that you have everything you need, already within you, to live an Ultimate Life of Abundant Prosperity at The Ultimate Level. Have a grateful day!

With Ultimate Gratitude-

Dr. Johnny



Thanks-a-Latte Thursday – Thank you, Powerball!


It’s Thanks-a-Latte Thursday!

Throughout the past week, tons of hype was placed on the ever-growing Powerball Jackpot. While there was just one lucky winner of the whole enchilada, Mavis Wanczyk, something else occurred during this process that should not go unnoticed; the unity of people under an enormous symbol of hope.

You might think I’m reaching here, but give me a second and you’ll understand.

Prior to last night’s drawing of the magical numbers of the Powerball, interest grew this week and people started playing the “what if” game with their friends, colleagues and loved ones. What if I won? What would I do?

This was a beautiful distraction, second to that of the Solar Eclipse which occurred this past Monday, (let’s not forget) as well as being a wonderful distraction from the ongoing, exhausting shenanigans that happen on a daily basis in politics.

Americans hoped, wished, discussed and ultimately united, in most states (except where Powerball isn’t played) under a sense of “hope.” For Wanczyk, her “pipe dream came true.” I am certain that she is going through all of the incredible gifts that she has in her life to feel grateful for. She said during her news conference today that she got her ticket because she thought, [maybe it could be me and maybe it won’t be, but maybe.]

A common statement people make about winning a lottery or a raffle is that you can’t win if you don’t play. With your Ultimate Life at The Ultimate Level, you can’t create it if you don’t think from your Ultimate Mind or feel that you have every right to live the life of your dreams. Dreams come true every day – so start dreaming a dream so huge that when it comes true, you’ll know it’s because it came from your Center of Gratitude!

Give “a-latte thanks” and have a grateful day! Congratulations, Mavis!

Dr. B



Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Dr. Johnny Bergstrom, is the Host of The Center of Gratitude Radio Show, a Doctor of Metaphysical Science,  Enlightened Master, World Traveler, Author, Blogger, Photographer, Volunteer and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.


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Thanks-a-Latte Thursday: Happy Birthday to YOU!



It’s Birthday Week!!!

If today is your birthday, Happy Birthday!!  If your birthday is coming up, Happy Birthday!!  And if your birthday for 2017 has already passed, Happy Belated Birthday!! Speaking of birthdays that have already occurred this year, how’s this year going for you? Has your birthday wish come true, yet?

Wishes are so wonderful, so full of hope.  I never understood how naysayers would say, “wishes are wishes – that’s all they are”, as if to say wishes never come true.  Maybe they haven’t come true yet for THOSE people and you know what? As long as they think wishes don’t deliver, for them, wishes never will.

I am grateful on this Thanks-a-Latte Thursday for many, many components of my life and I want to celebrate today, by giving thanks for our ability to reflect and look back, with gratitude.  As I was going through my past year, my year of Gratitude from my Gratitude Jar rivaled a ream of paper!  I am so grateful that I looked back and I am now able to feel enthusiastic about thriving ahead!

I am grateful for every birthday.  I am grateful for the life lessons learned each year, for the new friends I make and for the achievements I have made.  One mark of achievement was that in less than 90 days, I rode more than 1,000 miles at my favorite indoor cycling studio, CycleBar!  Through my passion for exercise, I have met so many wonderful people and for them, I am extremely grateful.  My marriage is thriving, filling more and more with love each day.  My family is always growing closer and each of us is enjoying success in our own realities.  Everything is absolutely wonderful.  Now, that’s worth celebrating!

Your takeaway today is to treat every day like it’s your birthday.  Entitle yourself to every incredible thought, deny yourself nothing – as long as what you truly desire can be obtained by your choices.

Remember to consciously expect what you ask for – if you’re not looking for it, it can’t possibly show itself.

Give “a-latte” thanks today and everyday, from your Center of Gratitude and you will create your Ultimate Life at The Ultimate Level!

With Ultimate Gratitude,

Dr. B


Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Dr. Johnny Bergstrom, is the Host of The Center of Gratitude Radio Show, a Doctor of Metaphysical Science,  Enlightened Master, World Traveler, Author, Blogger, Photographer, Volunteer and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.


© Global Gratitude Group. 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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