Thanks-a-Latte Thursday: Born Grateful


Thanks-a-Latte Message of Gratitude for July 27, 2017

On this beautiful Thursday morning, I am grateful for the smell of my coffee as I inhale the aroma, recalling fond memories associated with a cup of coffee. Reflecting has been on my mind as of late, since I have a birthday coming up in a week. A lot of people don’t understand why birthdays are big deals – why we run around and tell people with jubilation, “Today’s my birthday!”

I love birthdays! It’s the one day of a calendar year that has been all about me for my entire life. It’s the day where people are a little sweeter, a little more generous, a little more giving, and a little more happy for you – because when it’s their birthday, they get to feel how they know you are feeling on your special day.

I do believe in reincarnation, past lives and I do sincerely feel that I have been here before, in some other capacity. It is because of my spiritual understanding and enlightenment that I know this lifetime has its own direction and its own effect, which adds to the significance of pausing for one day out of each year to take stock of my life and remember my year that was.

I have always looked forward to my birthday, even doing an annual thirty day countdown with my brother from another mother (his birthday is the day before mine) since we were eleven going on twelve; but that stopped when we turned 30. “Thirty days to thirty-one” just didn’t have the right ring to it. When I turned thirty a couple years ago, I decided to start taking a holiday of reflection on my birthday. I reflect on my life thus far, particularly its past year; looking at accomplishments, setbacks, hurdles, victories, departed loved ones, new friendships and friendships that still stand the test of time.

Today I am grateful for another year, another birthday, another “stopportunity” to pause and give thanks for the incredible life that is mine. If today is your special day, Happy Birthday!

So as I spend this next week preparing for my life anniversary, pretend that it’s your birthday too and take a good look at your past year – what are you most grateful for? Next week’s Message of Gratitude will post right before the big day and I’ll share an excerpt from my personal “year in review.” If you’re not yet receiving my posts in your email, scroll down a bit and you should see where you can “Follow.”

Have a grateful day!

Dr. B


Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Dr. Johnny Bergstrom, is the Host of The Center of Gratitude Radio Show, Doctor of Metaphysical Science,  Enlightened Master, World Traveler, Author, Blogger, Volunteer and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.


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