“Thanks-a-Latte Thursday” Message 

As we give thanks today, I want you to think about your life and how you think other people view you and your lifestyle. I then want you to think about your perceptions of the lifestyles of others. If asked, would others agree that you are living your life to the fullest? Would they say that you are living in hypocrisy? Would they say that you practice what you preach? Before you think of others and their lifestyles, remember that the lifestyles that you see are the lifestyles that are chosen for public display. We are rarely granted access to the truer, deeper levels of the lifestyles of others. When you look at social media, look at it from a different perspective and see the similarities and cohesive qualities within the posts that are shared. You may gain the understanding or interpretation that certain people in your life who you follow lead these fabulous lives, are living without pause or limitations and appear to have everything; yet, that’s not always the case. 

A lot of people do not pause to think about what they share on social media for their followers to see or experience. However, plenty of people take a more calculated approach to social media and selectively post things that are aligned within the image that they want to portray per each social media account. Because of the ability to design a lifestyle or image or perception that we want others to experience based on what we share, we must take an additional minute and look at everything we see with pause and wonder how much truth is at the center of what we see. 

Before you allow the sharing of others to impact your day, your life, your opinions of yourself, just remember that they are showing you the version of their life that they want you to see; which may very well be deeply rooted in fantasy. Thoughts become things, and I fully applaud people sharing what is in line with the lives that they want to lead as their own, Ultimate Lives. 

Take a cue from what you see and look at your own social media feeds. 

What do you share? How much of what you share is positive? How much of what you share is negative? How often do you look at your social media for approval or likes or comments? What percentage of your daily existence is lived with the aim that it will be shared with the world via your social media accounts? What percentage of your daily existence is lived with the aim that it will be consciously and presently enjoyed an experienced by you? 

If you are an entrepreneur and you rely on social media to build your brand or business, I get it. You have to be out there, you have to share with your followers things that promote your brand, but you do not have to be inundated with sharing every ounce of yourself with the world. We must maintain our own personal levels of consciousness within our own lives and our own existences to look at what is occurring right in front of us because what we are thinking about, we are bringing about. If you are looking through your social media feeds, and you are feeling envious of the lifestyles of others, or leaving your viewing with a sense of self-doubt, or a lack of self-worth, you are completely distracted from the lifestyle that you are creating by feeling negatively from the lifestyles that others are living. Does that make sense to you? Does that seem right?

If we are distracted from living our own lives because we are consumed with how others are living theirs, who is going to live yours?

Take today, get centered with gratitude, take stock in your life, your ambitions, your goals, and every abundant prosperity before you and say thank you. Treat yourself to a latte or some sort of treat beverage at some point today and take some time to reflect on your life, on your existence, and decide what you want in and as your life, next. Remember, your goal should be to create your Ultimate Life at the Ultimate Level; anything less than that is not in line with what you want. 

Reminder – join me at The Center of Gratitude Radio Show on Monday at 10:00a to “Activate with Gratitude!”



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