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All Access, Ultimate Travel with Gratitude


Gratitude is your All Access Pass to the VIP experiences that await you in and as your Ultimate Life! I teach people all over the world how to create Ultimate Lives with gratitude and traveling with gratitude is a key component to manifesting the ultimate travel experiences that you desire.

In this article, I am sharing with you my Four Fundamentals of Traveling with Gratitude and showing you how to create, manifest and maintain VIP status in all of your journeys.

I love creating my All Access passes. That’s exactly what creating your Ultimate Life is all about. Creating your very own, All Access pass to everything you experience. An Ultimate Life is about having infinite, limitless access to everything and everyone you want to be connected with. No matter what you want, the Law of Attraction delivers exactly what you want and exactly what you ask for. It is essential that you understand your role in traveling with gratitude. To assist you in creating and gaining your access, here are my Four Fundamentals of Traveling with Gratitude.

The Four Fundamentals of Traveling with Gratitude

Thank you cards.

First and foremost, I cannot stress the importance of a thank you card. By packing a box of thank you cards in your suitcase, you are powerfully sending energy ahead of you to the experiences that you are expecting to have, that you are expecting to have such experiences that warrant the desire to express sincere thanks or follow up with at least one person or group before your trip has ended. I advise that you bring the cards with you because it’s very hard to follow up with many people who you meet along the way, by postal mail or other means of connectivity. Sure, there’s social media and the like – but who’s to say you want to maintain contact with them? Maybe you just want to thank them and have your gratitude stand out and mean something. There’s nothing like knowing you’re “unforgettably grateful.”

When you thank someone on a cruise ship, for example, who may see and interact with on average, 4000 people per week, your note of gratitude will stand out in their mind, making you unforgettably grateful. This is especially important if you frequent an industry, sticking with the cruise industry as I cruise a lot – among others, I thank people in the Hotel Department and in Guest Services. They constantly move from ship to ship and you never know where they’re going to pop up next.

I’ve had several reunions with cruise ship employees from our initial ships together to subsequent ships years later. And they have told me, I still have your card and I’ve thought about you from time to time, wondering where I’d see you again. And that makes me feel great, knowing that out of the hundreds of thousands of passengers they meet annually, they remember me. And they aren’t just saying they remember me – they cite specific memories of events that transpired where they remember me from. If you know that you’re going to spend some time in a specific location and you will most likely encounter the same people over a period of days, learn names early and make notes about the wonderful things they do so you can specifically praise them later in your card. We all carry smartphones now and they all have a Notes app; there’s no need to carry pen and paper. You can even dictate your notes!

“I need your help.”

There is no easier way to get what you need from a customer service representative by using those four simple words. “I need your help” is a request, it states a need and not a demand, it allows someone to help you which allows them to ultimately feel like they did a good deed – they helped you. Sure, it’s their job to do so, but there’s a human element to adding a personal touch, like lending a hand to cure someone’s need by an action only they can do. “I need your help” works for me every time and always gets me what I need, when I need it and I typically receive more than I originally needed because of the generosity of the person providing me with care that has surpassed mere “assistance.”

You’re never alone when you travel with gratitude.

Gratitude is all about relationships because Gratitude is humanity. Without other people, we would have a lot less to be grateful for. Note the importance of others and by showing sincerity when acknowledging their role in your ultimate journey. We don’t travel alone. You’re not booking your plane ticket with yourself on the other end of the phone, you don’t check your own bag and load it onto the plane yourself, you don’t pat yourself down through a TSA screening, you don’t act as the gate agent and you aren’t flying the plane. You can see where this is going.

There are numerous, countless people involved in the process of getting us from A to B and it’s our attitudes about everything from A to B that will ensure an ultimate journey. With all whom you meet, look them in the eyes and once you’ve locked eyes for that split second of realizing you’re looking at each other, say with sincerity, “Thank you.” Allow for another split second for your gratitude to hit them and wait for their responsive smile or other gesture and be on your way.

Ultimate Planning with gratitude.

When we plan, we think. When we make travel arrangements, whether we are booking airline tickets, hotel reservations, cruise itineraries, global excursions, etc., we are thinking. We are thinking of who we want to be with, what we want to do, where we want to go, when we want to travel, why we are traveling, and how we are going to make it all happen. Traveling is all about logistics and there is one vital detail that cannot be overlooked and cannot be left at home; it’s Gratitude.

By involving gratitude at the very beginning of the planning phases of any trip, for any purpose – even if it’s just a trip to the market – there is planning involved. The market is a quick and easy example so let’s start with that. You know you’re going food shopping, you know where you’re going to perform the shopping, you know that you will need money and shopping bags to fulfill the purpose of your travels, you determine who is going (is it just you, are there others?) and you figure out how you’re getting there and back. Of the Four Fundamentals, the planning fundamental is the biggest. Just about everything we do involves some kind of planning, which means that everything we do involves thinking. What you think about, you bring about.

If you are traveling, think about how you want to feel at the beginning, during and after your travels. Do you want to feel happy? Energized? Excited? Safe? Able? Carefree? How do you want to feel? What do you want to experience in order to feel those feelings? How do you want you travels to go? If you think about how you don’t want them to go, the Universe doesn’t differentiate between wants and don’t wants – it only knows what you think about and focus on; ensure your focus is only on what you DO want!

If you want to have an amazing journey, and you want to have a first class experience the entire time, your thinking needs to be in line with what you want with the expectation that such will manifest. Do you need to book and pay for a First Class airline ticket in order to get a First Class seat assignment? Nope. Can you book your basic ticket and be upgraded to First Class, furthering your All Access Pass to an Ultimate Life? Absolutely! Do you need to book and pay for a suite on a cruise ship in order to have one? Nope. Can you book a basic fare and think your way up to the suite life? Absolutely! I do it all the time. Do you have to have your home traffic patterns down to a science in order to not get stuck in traffic? Nope. Can you think of a stress and congestion-free traffic experience and expect to live that experience in the near future? Absolutely!

No matter what you want, big or small, it all resides in your mind. The thoughts, the planning, the abilities, the ACCESS – is all in your mind. The faster you can understand that and the faster you can allow yourself to have your ACCESS GRANTED, you will be on your way to creating and living your Ultimate Life each and every moment of each and every day!

Join me on Monday, February 27 at 10:00a EST for my radio show episode of Ultimate Travel with Gratitude on The Center of Gratitude Radio Show! When you are on the website, scroll until you see the Ultimate Travel with Gratitude link. If it’s during showtime, (10:00-10:15) just refresh the screen and you will see a red, LIVE button at the top. Click it and join me LIVE. If you listen after the LIVE air, it becomes a podcast within minutes and is forever available as a free, on-demand download. Thank you!



Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Enlightened Master, Host of The Center of Gratitude Radio Show and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.

©Global Gratitude Group 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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Lead Yourself to an Ultimate Life


Welcome to Thankful Thursday!

In keeping with the theme of my next podcast (which airs LIVE on Monday, February 20th at 10:00a EST), this article is also about Leadership. Today, I’m guiding you to lead yourself to create your Ultimate Life!

In the corporate world, an effective leader has a vision and includes their team members in its development. They direct their teams how to operate in order to achieve the vision and see the manifestation of the vision through to completion.

The process of creating your Ultimate Life is the same! With clear, focused and honest thinking, you determine your vision of what your unique, Ultimate Life looks like! Just like a corporate leader directs their teams how to operate in order to achieve the vision, you direct yourself how to operate in order to achieve your vision.

If your Ultimate Life contains only positive people, positive circumstances, plenty of money, easy living and basking in the sunlight of each and every day – it’s up to you to start thinking of those items, in the way that you want them to be in your life, as your life.

To have plenty of money, you must stop declaring how broke you are or how tight things are for you in this moment. As long as you believe something to be true, it will be – whether it’s what you currently see or something you want to see in your future.

To be surrounded by positive people and positive circumstances, you have to choose to focus on and highlight everything positive in and as your life, NOW. If your aim is to live easily and carefree, then you absolutely must stop stressing yourself out and start treating things in your life (with care, of course) as you plan to when you don’t feel as though such circumstances are so worrisome or anxious. (Personal note – when I start to feel overwhelmed or like I am on the path to feeling overwhelmed, I play my “Cruise Vacation” playlist and I am immediately transported to the middle of an ocean, surrounded by people who are also carefree and basking in the sunlight. Nothing changes a stressed-out tone better than steel drums!)

To be your own effective leader and to bring yourself closer and closer to achieving your vision depends on your minute-by-minute behavior and what you choose as your perceived reality.

You’re right. That does sound like a lot of work.

I have to tell you – creating your Ultimate Life is a process that never ends. If you are breathing, you are creating. Once you get the hang of the behaviors you need to assert in order to achieve your vision, it won’t seem like work at all because it will just become your lifestyle! The transition is so seamless you won’t even realize that you’re consciously doing it. The best part is that if you start to revert, you’ll notice – and with lightning speed, you’ll be back to living with gratitude in your Ultimate existence.

Need a motivator? Think of a corporate project. You have a team meeting, you receive the delegations and you come to learn your role in the scope of the vision. As time goes by, you may not fully understand why the company is heading toward achieving the vision, but you trudge along because it’s your job. Suddenly, a significant cash incentive is offered if the project can come to fruition ahead of schedule. Now the extrinsic (exterior) motivator is in full swing and the team makes a collective effort to finish the job – to achieve the vision.

With creating your Ultimate Life, determine what your extrinsic or intrinsic (inner) motivators are and USE them to inspire you to continue with your concentrated efforts along the way. To help sweeten the pot, throw in similar motivators that are in the same categories as the main motivators.

If one of your Ultimate Life extrinsic motivators is to live with complete prosperity, visualize your life with an unforeseen force removing a debt or bill from your life. Perhaps it shows up as someone offering to treat you to lunch or to coffee – there are no “small” gestures as even the smallest gestures can mean the most. As always, the best way to begin receiving your Ultimate Life is to GIVE of yourself, creating positive feelings that pave the way for your Ultimate Life to develop and manifest as your reality.

Lead YOURSELF to YOUR Ultimate Life! Begin the process and continue it with me, with gratitude! Together, we CAN change the world!


Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Enlightened Master, Host of The Center of Gratitude Radio Show and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.


©Global Gratitude Group. 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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All Relationships with Gratitude



Valentine’s Day is Tuesday! This article pertains to every relationship! I’m imparting a lot of wisdom today, so make sure you have a pen and paper handy because you’ll want to jot some things down!

Relationships are huge. Unless you’re an android or some kind of robot, your connection to others is a major contributing factor to the quality of life you have as a thinking, feeling “being.”

While there are so many different types of relationships, the foundation of all relationships is the same. It always begins and ends with you.

What you contribute to a relationship is what you will get out of it. If you give of yourself, then your relationships will thrive.

But why does it have to start with me? What about what the other people are doing?

The Law of Attraction is what makes all of this possible and true. The Law says that what you give, you receive. If you are giving love or positivity in any relationship, you will receive life results that are in line with what you have been thinking and feeling. If you are adamant about waiting for other people to do their part, what you expect from them, in order for you to be happy – you’re going to be waiting for a long time; that is, until you start the conversation.

Are your relationships working FOR YOU?

I hear people complain all the time about how this relationship and that relationship aren’t working.

To blame others is to focus on and exist in negativity, which can and will only produce more of that. Well, he/she is so mean to me; he’s/she’s power-hungry and he/she doesn’t care about anyone but himself/herself. Sadly, I hear this too often. Look at that statement. “He’s/She’s this” and “he’s/she’s that” and he/she, he/she, he/she; nothing about “me” or “I.”

It is important to note that blaming others for their roles in your various relationships is useless and will not produce the relationship you desire. To gain the relationship circumstances that you desire, YOU need to think, feel and administer them, FIRST. With one simple question, “And what are you doing about that?” the responsibility of that person’s participation in the relationship in question is immediately deflected to the actions or lack of actions from the other person or persons involved.

Write this down. What am I doing about that?

“I don’t know – I guess I’ll have to find a new job (or new relationship).”

So instead of taking responsibility for our own roles in toxic relationships, we think we just need to be removed from that relationship. Some of you may agree with that thinking, but I have to tell you – I have seen too many times where the same people keep finding problems in their various relationships and they never understand that the problem is THEM.

No matter what type of relationship you may have an issue with, it all begins and ends with you. I am about to share the true magic that exists when you understand the power of your involvement in any and every relationship you will ever have.

Consider this a check-up for you to reflect on your relationships, whether with family, friends, colleagues or romantic partners and see which ones are lacking in love and think of ways that YOU can INFUSE them with love.

Relationships are the ultimate reciprocation – what you give to them is what you get out of them. Love a little, get a little love. Love a lot, and get a lot back.

All relationships thrive or fail based on their level of communication.

In all of your relationships, effective communication will give you peace and clarity, always.

Effective Communication includes active listening on both parts.

Active listening includes eye contact. Get your face out of your phone or tablet and look at your partner when they speak to you, unless you’re out of the room or can’t see them.

When they speak, especially if they’re telling you something and conveying a lot of emotion, repeat back to them what they’ve said to confirm you understood their message clearly, since it could have very easily been missed through their emotional delivery.

If your counterpart is repeating back to you and they’re incorrect, do not get angry – get clear. Their attempt at repeating your message back to you is an obvious attempt at understanding what was said and being undividedly present with you. Be kind, be sweet and be gentle. You are behaving from The Center of Gratitude – why would you be mean to them?

Professional Relationships “with gratitude”

Whether you’re the boss or the employee, you’re in a relationship. And most often, this is the relationship that affects your other relationships the most. If you’re mad at your boss on Friday, you take your frustrations home with you and let them out on your partner and/or your family and those feelings could potentially ruin your weekend. If you’re mad at your employees, you do the same to your nearest and dearest.

By working with gratitude, your professional relationships evolve into those of respect, understanding, compassion and empowerment.

To the employers, your support staff isn’t incompetent, they aren’t onboard to sabotage your efforts and their primary goal is to SUPPORT YOU. It’s hard to support someone who just seems to keep tearing you down.

Don’t be a horrible boss.

Be the boss every person on a support team wishes for.

It isn’t enough to get a paycheck for work performed. Every person who is employed expects a check. Their paycheck is not conditional based upon the degree of work they do – they show up – they work – they get paid. However, if you think for one second that you can speak to a so-called underling however you choose and if you think that they will continue to take abuse and mistreatment from you, you are mistaken and you’ll be looking for a replacement very soon because that person will quit – because of YOU; every relationship begins and ends with YOU.

Take pride in how you treat others.

Help the bottom line of your company by implementing a few meaningful changes; changes that will reduce turnover and will make your corporate culture thrive.

What motivates employees to do a great job is either the intrinsic motivator of personal pride or the desire to perform so well that the extrinsic motivator of receiving praise from their boss occurs, or both.  Unless you work on commission, your paycheck is not motivating you to go above and beyond your job description.


Gratitude is not hierarchal.

It doesn’t have to be a big production. Go to their desks, don’t email them, and within earshot of their co-workers, praise them for what they’ve done for you that day or that week. Look them in the eye with sincere gratitude and thank them for coming in and doing a great job. You will walk through your office in disbelief of how many smiles and salutations you receive from happy employees – all because everyone is working with gratitude.

Thank you for making it to this point in my article – I know this one was a little longer than usual. Let’s review what we’ve read:

  • All relationships begin and end with YOU.
  • When any relationship is not what you want it to be, its changes start with YOU. Ask yourself, “What am I doing about that?”
  • Gratitude will give you everything you give, first. From your grateful heart, GIVE just because, and the universe will reciprocate by giving you an ultimate life.
  • By seeing your employees and coworkers as people and remembering that they too, need love and admiration, give thanks for each unique quality they each bring to your business and your corporate culture will thrive!
  • Finally, every successful relationship thrives because of effective communication. Ears up, eyes forward and check-in to the person or people you’re engaging with.



Be sure to tune in to The Center of Gratitude Radio Show every Monday at 10:00 EST for my podcast “with gratitude.” I have a very special Valentine’s Day episode planned for you, which, on February 13, is all about relationships! Grab your love, grab a friend, and definitely grab some chocolate as you “tune in” to “tune up” all of your relationships!


Together, we CAN and WILL change the world, WITH GRATITUDE!

 Global Equality



Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Enlightened Master, Host of The Center of Gratitude Radio Show and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.


©Global Gratitude Group. 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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Ultimate Motivator Monday!

Happy Friday!

I hope you’ll join me this Monday, February 6th, as I present my Ultimate Motivator with Gratitude! This is a special show, it will be thirty minutes instead of my normal fifteen minutes. I encourage you to call in with your questions or motivation challenges (you’ll challenge me to motivate you or to seek guidance with motivation LIVE ON THE AIR.) Call in during the first fifteen minutes! Call 646-564-9757 or post your question or motivation challenge to Facebook or submit it via Twitter.



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