Kiss 2016 Goodbye! 

What a year! Whether it was good, bad or both – take some time before it’s over to reflect on your 2016.

I cannot stress how important it is to get this year out of your system. Even if it was great – looking back will help you determine how to move forward.

We have roughly two more days available to us to think about what we have dealt with, attracted to ourselves, learned from, should have learned from, etc.

By giving this year its due attention now, we ensure that we don’t drag the undesired, onward. As you go through the year and all of its greatness, highlight what was amazing and incredible and use that positive energy to help you envision the year you want 2017 to be!

Grab a pen real fast and write down five to ten buzz words that you WANT to experience in and as your life next year. Dream big! Next year is next week, so think as immediately as you can! Your vision will become your reality as soon as you believe it can be!

If 2016 wasn’t your year – never fear! It’s over! Don’t get sucked into the vacuum of commiseration at the year’s commencement by those who want to keep talking about how awful 2016 was. We are symbolically welcoming a clean slate, a fresh start and infinite opportunities to create our ultimate lives!

Happy New Year to YOU, with gratitude!

Thank you!!

The Gratitude Guru, Dr. Johnny Bergstrom, is a Doctor of Metaphysics and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association. 

2016. Global Gratitude Group. All Rights Reserved.


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