Twelve Negatives You Can Eliminate with Gratitude


Twelve Negatives You Can Eliminate with Gratitude

  1. Poverty
  2. Anger
  3. Frustration
  4. Envy
  5. Hate
  6. Fatigue
  7. Sadness
  8. Lack
  9. Depression
  10. Inequality
  11. Inferiority
  12. Sickness

Beginning with this post and continuing with the next two posts, I am going to segment these twelve into blocks of four and teach you why and how to squash everything negative with Gratitude!

Here’s the foundation:

Gratitude has the power to eliminate poverty. Poverty is a perceived reality.

Gratitude has the power to eliminate anger. Anger is a perceived reality.

Gratitude has the power to eliminate feelings of frustration. Frustration is a perceived reality.

Gratitude has the power to eliminate envy. Envy is a perceived reality.

Take a look at these four very unique realities. They are all so different, yet they are all the same.

What you look at and recognize as your “life” is your perceived reality.

That means that what you are experiencing is “real” – according to you. What is real to you is not necessarily real to someone else.

When one feels like they are living in poverty, there may be multiple examples in their reality that support their feeling. From the amount of money they see in their bank account to the condition of the dwelling they live in, poverty seems like a very real thing and it’s quite understandable why people think they are doomed to stay in poverty for the rest of their lives. If one does not know differently or the idea of something better than that reality is one that is too hard to grasp, they will exist in that state indefinitely.

Anger and Frustration are siblings of Poverty. In the reality of Anger and Frustration, one experiencing those feelings experiences event after event of angering and frustrating circumstances. What they continuously experience develops as their reality. Until they learn how to choose emotional reactions other than anger and frustration, the events of their life won’t change and those negative feelings will continue to be personified as their life circumstances.

Finally, feelings of envy do not serve one who is trying to create their ultimate life because feelings of envy are loudly proclaiming, “I feel badly because I do not have that.” The attitude of envy produces lack, which undermines the feelings of abundance and negates all of the positive energy that one has been channeling. When you find yourself feeling envious, or wanting what another has from a sorrowful center of pity because you don’t have that as your own, knock that right out with…wait for it…GRATITUDE!!!


Every single negative emotion can be squashed by becoming centered in Gratitude. Thinking thankful thoughts produces POSITIVE feelings that boost our endorphins and elevate our “happy centers.”

Tomorrow, I will teach you why and how to adjust the practice of Gratitude for Hate, Fatigue, Sadness and Lack.

The time for happiness is NOW.

The time for joy is ALWAYS.

The time for you to create your ultimate life, has come. Join me! We’ll do it TOGETHER!

 Global Equality


Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru, Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Enlightened Master and Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association.



© Global Gratitude Group. 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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