Create Your Ultimate Life with Gratitude – A5 – Part Three



Happy Wednesday! I hope that you had an ultimate Tuesday!

Let’s review a couple vital pieces before we continue with A5, okay?

  • Your life is meant to be ultimate.
  • It’s up to you to determine what you need and what you want in your life and as your life in order for you to declare that it is “ultimate.”
  • By living with gratitude, you WILL create your ultimate life!

On Monday, I introduced you to A5 (which is derived from The Bergstrom Method) and its first “fifth” – Accept.

Yesterday, I gave you the second “fifth” which is Adjust.

When acceptance occurs, adjustment begins.

Today, I am giving you the third “fifth” to the formula which is: Adapt.

Once we accept something into our conscious thinking, we are admitting that it is a real thing and that it is happening. Because we accept, we are able to adjust our thinking to align our thoughts with the desired life results we wish to experience. Once we adjust our thinking, we begin to adapt to our new life circumstances, which are and always have been the products of our thoughts.

It can be challenging to adapt to a different lifestyle. But when you consider all of the components that you want in and as your ultimate life, the motivation to adapt based on adjusting your thinking becomes your guiding force.

Adapting to your ultimate lifestyle requires the first two “fifths.” When thinking consciously, we can recognize the times during our creative process that we begin thinking thoughts that do not align with our ultimate-desired manifestations. Because we are thinking consciously, we can adjust our thoughts to realign with what we ultimately want. If we are unaware or not thinking consciously, we will not know that we are literally thinking ourselves out of whatever it is that we want.

Adaptation is a change in perception. While we are living each day, we are actively adjusting our attitudes and outlooks. Where you may normally become aggravated or frustrated, you can adjust how you feel. You can consciously think about those situations and adapt to your new thought process by activating your Center of Gratitude. Because you adapt, your outcome changes and thus, your perception of what used to aggravate and frustrate you is now completely different.

Adjust every attitude, with gratitude.

Gratitude is the force that we can all use to immediately adjust every attitude. For example, consider having to stop at red light after red light. Where we may typically find hitting every red light aggravating, we can consciously think and deem these instances as “stop-portunities.”

A “stop-portunity” is a time of pause to consciously think about what we are grateful for. Make it fun and play The Gratitude Game at every “stop-portunity!” By the time you finally reach your destinations, you will feel so wonderful and so fulfilled that whatever is about to take place will reflect and further your wonderful feelings.

Don’t think so? Think about the opposite. You hit every red light, get increasingly angry with each light and by the time you arrive, all you want to do is explode. Yeah – that’s an awesome way to feel; NOT! The next time you arrive at a red light, instead of looking at your phone or returning text messages, allow yourself to be present in the moment by playing The Gratitude Game. Don’t forget – the second you feel great, you are adapting your lifestyle to this awesome feeling! Revel in it!

Accept. Adjust. Adapt.

The fourth “fifth” is released tomorrow! Stick with me and stick with A5. By this weekend, you’ll have a specific guide to creating your ultimate life with gratitude. It is going to become so evident to you that when you implement these five “fifths” you’ll create your WHOLE, ultimate life!

See you tomorrow!


The time for happiness is NOW.

The time for joy is ALWAYS.

The time for you to create your ultimate life, has come. Join me! We’ll do it TOGETHER!

Global Equality


Johnny Bergstrom, Msc.D, AMDA

The Gratitude Guru



© Global Gratitude Group. 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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