Wonderful Wednesday

Gratitude Word Web

 Today, I want you to know that everything in your life is perfect, just as it is right now. You may not agree, but with a little concentrated thought, you can.

You have a choice. You can choose to look at everything that is not right today, or you can choose to think about how great it would feel if everything in your life were right and fantastic. The only difference between what we think and what is, is that what we see as our lives is the result of what has already been thought. 

Today is “Wonderful Wednesday” and today I choose to feel excited and gloriously grateful for the awesomeness that is this positive energy that I feel, bathe in and emit. When we feel wonderful, it’s as if we have our own inner Sun that beams out rays of sunlight to everyone and everything we aim the rays at. 

When you think of how your inner sunshine can affect the lives of everyone it reaches, you should feel wonderful knowing that because of you, so many people right now can feel wonderful too. 

So go out there today, aim your rays of sunshine at everyone you see and know that your choice to feel incredible is your conscious thought effort that will bring you awesomeness as your Life Results. The more intensely you feel about anything brings it that much quicker – so the only question that remains is, how great do you feel?

Together, we CAN change the world! 

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