Today and Four-word



“Today and Four-word” is one of my favorite exercises taken from The Bergstrom Method. This Practice is to be done on a daily basis, as frequently during the day as needed. You should write at least five lines and you are absolutely encouraged to write until you either run out of time or run out of paper!

The structure is:

Today + I am + Adjective + State of Being


Today, I am living ultimately!

Today, I am beyond grateful!

Today, I am a winner!

Today, I am paying it forward.

Today, I am giving love.


The exercise is called “Today and Four-word because it turns today, the present, into an awesome, live energy of affirmation and positivity. It is as simple as using the structure above, which contains the word ‘Today’ and then four more words. There’s also a little wordplay in there indicating that this exercise is done today and each day going forward.

Try it now! See how many structures you can create in the next four minutes. It takes no time at all and you will feel incredible at the end! Do this at the beginning of each day and supplement throughout the day if needed. You can even do it in your head, but the metacognitive process of writing it further solidifies the impact and establishes the habit.


Remember: “I deserve to live happily, abundantly, ultimately.”

Together, we CAN change the world!

Global Equality

The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude: Your ULTIMATE Power




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