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Adjust Your Focus – Change Your Life


As the world is aware, the current political race for President of the United States of America has tensions running high and is creating quite a division among Americans.

Where there is tension, there is drama. Where there is drama, there is negative energy that is being emitted, transmitted and multiplied. Because energy is not something we can always see, we have to gauge our behaviors by how we feel. If you surround yourself with people who just aggravate you with their drama and their negativity, you are surrounding yourself with an incredibly high amount of energy that will do nothing but consume you too.

That is, if you are unaware.

If you are aware of the difference between positive and negative energy, you will be able to feel it instantly. The minute your stomach turns, that’s a clear indicator of negative energy. The minute you feel overwhelmed with joy or love that you could be moved to tears – that’s positive energy.

Once you have identified that you are beginning to be consumed by the negative energy of others, no matter the provocation, the fastest way to ‘get right within’ is to return to your roots. By leading a lifestyle deeply rooted in and guided by Gratitude, you can immediately turn those negative feelings off and turn the positive feelings on.

No one wants to feel bad – but if you’ve never truly understood how to control feeling great, it’s easy to understand why that may be challenging.

The minute you feel yourself thinking the wrong thoughts and feeling those awful feelings, verbally declare, “ENOUGH!” and begin with the question, what can I see right now that I am grateful for?

I am Grateful

As you begin to answer, repeat the question over and over – answering each time with a different response.

The faster you can find what you love, the faster you can feel love and the faster you can love how you feel!

Adjust your focus and change your life.


Global Equality

Together, we CAN change the world!




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Wonderful Wednesday

Gratitude Word Web

 Today, I want you to know that everything in your life is perfect, just as it is right now. You may not agree, but with a little concentrated thought, you can.

You have a choice. You can choose to look at everything that is not right today, or you can choose to think about how great it would feel if everything in your life were right and fantastic. The only difference between what we think and what is, is that what we see as our lives is the result of what has already been thought. 

Today is “Wonderful Wednesday” and today I choose to feel excited and gloriously grateful for the awesomeness that is this positive energy that I feel, bathe in and emit. When we feel wonderful, it’s as if we have our own inner Sun that beams out rays of sunlight to everyone and everything we aim the rays at. 

When you think of how your inner sunshine can affect the lives of everyone it reaches, you should feel wonderful knowing that because of you, so many people right now can feel wonderful too. 

So go out there today, aim your rays of sunshine at everyone you see and know that your choice to feel incredible is your conscious thought effort that will bring you awesomeness as your Life Results. The more intensely you feel about anything brings it that much quicker – so the only question that remains is, how great do you feel?

Together, we CAN change the world! 

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Today and Four-word



“Today and Four-word” is one of my favorite exercises taken from The Bergstrom Method. This Practice is to be done on a daily basis, as frequently during the day as needed. You should write at least five lines and you are absolutely encouraged to write until you either run out of time or run out of paper!

The structure is:

Today + I am + Adjective + State of Being


Today, I am living ultimately!

Today, I am beyond grateful!

Today, I am a winner!

Today, I am paying it forward.

Today, I am giving love.


The exercise is called “Today and Four-word because it turns today, the present, into an awesome, live energy of affirmation and positivity. It is as simple as using the structure above, which contains the word ‘Today’ and then four more words. There’s also a little wordplay in there indicating that this exercise is done today and each day going forward.

Try it now! See how many structures you can create in the next four minutes. It takes no time at all and you will feel incredible at the end! Do this at the beginning of each day and supplement throughout the day if needed. You can even do it in your head, but the metacognitive process of writing it further solidifies the impact and establishes the habit.


Remember: “I deserve to live happily, abundantly, ultimately.”

Together, we CAN change the world!

Global Equality

The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude: Your ULTIMATE Power




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