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We Must Unite as a Human Race



Now, more than ever, we must unite as a human race. Gratitude is love and lives filled with love are lives that are absent of terror and hate.

When the tragic annihilation of humanity occurs at the hands of one, we feel the same pain. We feel the same united feeling, the same frequency of energy that emits from the sorrow we are sharing because we feel the connection to love that surrounds its victims.

These 102 victims of a hate-filled man, 49 of whom lost their lives and 53 of whom were injured, have caused us all to feel so intensely for them because of love. This man wanted to terrorize people who were all about love. Their love was shaped in the people they were and are, by their shared desire to dance and celebrate and to live in love. The world is in mourning because there is more love in the world than hate. The sooner we all believe that and live our lives by a creed of love, the sooner there will be less hate and less fingers pulling triggers.

We stand with Orlando and we send our deepest condolences and most love-filled energy to all whose lives this heinous act has affected. If you’re human, you’re affected.

As part of the global LGBT population, I’m human and I’m affected.

We celebrate the LGBT population around the world. To be “out” is to be a hero. If you’re reading this blog and you’re scared to be you – don’t be! Get out here and live proudly with the rest of us, no matter who you are!

We must unite as a human race. Together, we CAN change the world!

Global Equality










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Friday Fabulous!

You know, there is something truly wonderful about Fridays. The end of the workweek, the beginning of the weekend, the indescribable feeling of freedom from anything that may have held us back for five days; Friday is my favorite day of the week.

As you go through this marvelous day, ask yourselves what your intentions for this wonderful day are, how you would like to spend this ultimate weekend, and how you would like next week to go!

We are all products of our thoughts and it is up to us to create the ultimate lives that we wish to live!

So get grateful, give thanks and share your gratitude with everyone in your world. Happy Friday!

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Gratitude – The Ultimate Power

The Power of Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude

The Ultimate Power is the force to be reckoned with. The thing with Gratitude is that if one is ungrateful, the reckoning comes in the form of their Life Results. As human beings, we have been conditioned to understand a reckoning to be a punishment or a consequence for actions that have transpired. With this in mind, we begin to understand the consequence of lacking gratitude or, essentially, being ungrateful.

When we think thoughts, we are customizing the life results we wish to experience. When we pair our thoughts with passionate feelings, or feelings that are sincerely and fully felt, we are expediting the arrival time of the manifestation or physical experience of those people, circumstances or “life results.”

If a person thinks grateful thoughts and feels the wonderful sensations related to gratitude, they are powerfully creating that which will manifest into physical form. The longer and more focused energy that is spent thinking a specific thought that is paired with a constant, committed feeling, the faster that person experiences similar, “like” life results that are in line with what and how they have been thinking and feeling. While some specific manifestations may take some time (or not – there is not a definite formula), living in gratitude means that while one may wait for a specific request, they will absolutely enjoy living day to day until they are in possession of whatever they specifically desire – as long as they are aware.

Together, we CAN change the world!

Global Equality

Global Gratitude Group


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