Your Gratitude Portfolio – Investments That ALWAYS Pay HUGE, Tax-Free Dividends


By Dr. Johnny Bergstrom

While the worldwide investment markets go up and down, the question of what to invest in for the greatest return is definitely a question worth asking our brokers!

I have a question for you, my grateful readers. Is there a high-yield, low-risk, guaranteed ROI option when the commodities invested in are people?


There. I just made the cover of Forbes magazine with my earth-shattering insider info!

Don’t worry – my insider info is legal and legit and this has nothing to do with Labor.

This is a different kind of portfolio with different types of investments.

This is the Gratitude Portfolio.

When you invest time and energy from a Center of Gratitude in someone else, you are emitting a fantastic energy frequency that will (if they’re aware) be received by them that will enhance their life. That heartfelt “thank you” to your barista or grocery cashier and sincere wishes for greatness in their lives as you go on your way – they feel your love, your gratitude and your gratitude acts as an investment in their commodity – themselves!

When you invest your gratitude in multiple commodities (people, in this example) you expand and diversify your Gratitude Portfolio which will net you infinite gains and an enormous ROI. When you invest your gratitude in others, you are giving. What you give, you receive. Give love – receive love. Give gratitude – receive more life results that warrant feeling grateful! Give a little – get a little. Give a lot – get a lot!

Who doesn’t want more life results to be grateful for!?

Now, about those “huge, tax-free dividends.”

With the global investment markets, when one invests aggressively, they are essentially risking a lot more money than someone who is investing conservatively. But the cool thing about Gratitude is that it’s liquid – it’s ready now, it’s on-hand, it’s always available and in the Gratitude Market, it’s limitless!

When one invests aggressively with their gratitude, they are flooding their lives with greatness. They are saturating their personal market with their own abundance, prosperity and love. The best part is that in the Gratitude Market, it’s completely Fair Trade and what is invested is returned. The grandeur of the dividend is up to the investor and how they’ve invested. The aggressive gratitude investor will see consistent, higher “payouts” than the conservative investor.

Isn’t investing with gratitude fun!?

Here’s the absolute, best part. Gratitude is like a tide – when it rises, it raises all the boats in the harbor; not just the megayachts. Gratitude is from everybody, for everybody. When we give thanks, when we invest in others – we are raising all the boats together, so that we may all create and enjoy ultimate lives.

   Global Equality

 Together, we CAN change the world!





© Global Gratitude Group. 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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