Gratitude and Letting Go


That which does not kill us makes us stronger, right? What about, that which we do not let go will continue to poison and toxify our lives?

We are all so overdue for everything. We are overdue for apologies from those who have wronged us, we are overdue for sympathy we should have been given by others and we are so overdue for chivalrous gestures that demonstrate common courtesy among humans.

Being overdue for anything equates to holding onto negative emotions that will continue to prolong the period of being overdue and what is owed will never be remitted.

By consciously deciding to let go of anything and everything that does not positively contribute to our “here” and “now” circumstances is one of the biggest favors one can do for oneself.

“I see this for how it is and acknowledge that it does not serve me in my desired capacity. For this reason, I am letting this go. I am forgiving, I am pardoning – I am wiping all debt and am moving forward as a complete, whole, pure being.”

This affirmation is one of the affirmations I use to personally deal with stressors and life situations that might irritate me. I have become such a pro at getting rid of negative energy when it arises by repeating the above affirmation at such times of frustration. Many times I will even begin the day with this affirmation as I sip my tea or brush my teeth; it truly sets a positive tone for my day by deciding before anything happens that I am in a forgiving, pardoning, whole essence of being. How others choose to live is beyond me, not within my control and not worthy of my attention and focus.

How I choose to live is totally within my control and absolutely worthy of my attention and focus!

To determine if something that you’re dealing with is within your limits of acknowledgment, consider the following:

  • Is this something directly related to me?
  • Is there anything I can do that will guarantee the removal or dissipation of this problem?
  • Are there multiple people or factors involved that may prevent the issue from resolving?
  • Given how I’ve already answered, what is the best approach I can personally have toward the issue and/or those involved?

If your answers do not point to you, your issue is outside of your control which means it is outside of your sole responsibility. If it is a circumstance that others are working through along with you, be a leader among them and lead the charge of positivity that will make the best lemonade imaginable out of the lemons you’ve been given. Positivity is a choice and it is the gratitude and other great feelings that fuel the positivity that can, will and DO change life circumstances for the better!

We can change the world – but only by changing ourselves. To control others is fleeting and as we’ve seen from history, controlling the masses doesn’t seem to end well. If we were to instead focus on ourselves, making ourselves better and whole, conflict would cease to exist and we could finally live harmoniously; hmmm….

Give thanks for your incredible life, let go of everything and everyone who does not align with your ultimate life vision for yourself and trust that you’re doing everything you can to create your most ultimate life!


 Together, we CAN change the world!

Global Equality






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