Gratitude and Relationships

Relationships are huge. Unless you’re an android or some kind of robot, your connection to others is a major contributing factor to the quality of life you have as a thinking, feeling “being.”

While there are so many different types of relationships, the foundation of all relationships is the same. It always begins and ends with you.

What you contribute to a relationship is what you will get out of it. If you give of yourself, solely because you WANT to – not because you expect something in return, then your relationships will thrive. How is this possible?

The Law of Attraction is what makes all of this possible and true. The Law says that what you give, you receive. If you are giving negativity, you will receive life results that are in line with what you have been thinking and feeling. If you are giving positivity, you will receive life results that are in line with what you have been thinking and feeling.

It is important to note that blaming others for their roles in your various relationships is fleeting and will not produce the relationship you desire. To gain the relationship circumstances that you desire, YOU need to think, feel and administer them, FIRST.

I hear people complain all the time about how this relationship and that relationship aren’t working. With one simple question, “And what are you doing about that?” the responsibility of that person’s participation in the relationship in question is immediately deflected to the actions or lack of actions from the other person or persons involved.

To blame others is to focus on and exist in negativity, which can and will only produce more of that. Well, he/she is so mean to me; he’s/she’s power-hungry and he/she doesn’t care about anyone but himself/herself. Sadly, I hear this too often. Look at that statement. “He’s/She’s this” and “he’s/she’s that” and he/she, he/she, he/she; nothing about “me” or “I.”

And what are you doing about that? “I don’t know – I guess I’ll have to find a new job (or new relationship).”

So instead of taking responsibility for one’s own role in a toxic relationship, they think they just need to be removed from that relationship. Some of you may agree with that thinking, but I have to tell you – I have seen too many times where the same negativity is spouted from the same mouths of the same people who keep changing relationships only to find that they keep encountering these same “awful people who thrive on being awful to everyone else.”

Are there controlling people out there who like to see their subordinates squirm? Absolutely! However, it is completely and solely up to you to decide if you are going to tolerate the relationship or if you are going to look within to ensure that you don’t go without.

This and the next few posts are all about relationships; the different types of relationships we deal with and how, no matter what type of relationship you may have an issue with, it all begins and ends with you. You are about to discover the true magic that exists when you understand the power of your involvement in any and every relationship you will ever have. See you next time!


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