Is Global Unity Possible through Gratitude?

Gratitude Word Web


Happy Tuesday! Joyeux mardi! Feliz martes! Our Global Gratitude Group is just as much a cause as it is an organization. It is the organization of people who have a collective interest in expressing gratitude and appreciation for their lives. The global feelings of belonging and inclusion are vital to the universality of giving thanks.

Right now, exactly where you are, just look up from your device and scan the area you’re in for things you are grateful for. To yourself, say I am grateful for ___________ over and over until you run out of things to appreciate or until your attention diverts. If our global gratitude efforts are going to spread, we’ve got to use social media to get it out there! Did you “Like” our group on Facebook yet? Are you following The Gratitude Guru on Twitter? How about Instagram? The following is a short list we have put together stating why gratitude is universal and how the entire world can get behind our group effort.

  • Every human being at some point has felt grateful
  • When we feel grateful, our hearts are full and overflowing with good emotions
  • Every language across the world has an expression for “thank you”
  • Gratitude is an emotion that, when magnified, can cause one to feel so indebted to whom they are thankful that they will spend endless amounts of time and money trying to either repay the gesture for which they are grateful or to pay it forward
  • At such a crucial time in the existence of our world, where there is terrorism and the spreading of hatred everywhere, where people are getting more and more out of control because it has become more and more difficult to keep them controlled – gratitude can change it all.
  • Gratitude changes everything
  • One does not have to be religious to live in gratitude
  • One does not have to be a particular race or ethnicity to live in gratitude
  • Everyone can live in gratitude and can create ultimate lives!
  • Gratitude is the one cause that everyone on the planet can get behind without negating their other causes and communal efforts
  • Everything in the world can go on just as people want it to – it would just be better.
  • Gratitude is a lifestyle.
  • Imagine a world without so much hatred, without hate being rewarded with fame and acknowledgement – instead, imagine a world that thrives on and rewards people for the positive things they do and say, all based in gratitude.
  • Gratitude is the uniting global effort because it affects everyone and everything!


Together, we can give thanks and change the world!

 Global Equality



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