Using the Power of Gratitude for Good

Part of harnessing the Power of Gratitude is to understand the most vital component of Gratitude; the Law of Attraction.

A great way to understand the Law is this: what you think about, you bring about.

Using the Power of Gratitude for good seems like a no-brainer. Through various social media outlets, questionable behavior among famous people and others gets people talking and then the Media follow the trail of what and who people are talking about, aiming to cover the “news.”  Except it isn’t news at all – it’s all that has been attracted and manifested. I’ll explain.

When we think about what we want, powerful frequencies that our thoughts operate on are sent out to rearrange our reality to manifest our thoughts into physical, real experiences in our lives. Thus, what we think about, we bring about. Those famous people think about fame and fortune and they behave in ways that get people talking, get the attention directed at them and then once they have the attention of the masses, the cycle repeats. The next item that gets people talking is released, people talk, attention is given and ‘the powers that be’ figure out a way to make said attention profitable.

I am writing this post today about using one’s power for good. There are plenty of famous people who use their power for good, but they don’t have nearly the same traction with social media as those who behave questionably. The good deeds do “trend” but not nearly as much or as highly as those that spark debates or controversy. Why!?

Now, let’s talk about you. Let’s talk about your social media accounts. Let’s talk about what you post.

What you think about, you bring about. Take a look at your timelines and tweets. Do you post a lot of negative things? Is your life getting any better than it used to be or are you just living another day in a similar way to how you lived yesterday? What we pay attention to, multiplies. So if we are paying more attention to the lives of others and what everyone else is doing, how can we possibly make our lives better, happier or “ultimate?”

Each day, multiple times per day, I make a concerted effort to stop myself from instinctively clicking “share” or “post” without a second look or thought about whether or not I really want what’s about to go out into the digital abyss, “out there.” One of my considerations is the effect that my posts or shares will have on my viewers. What emotions am I trying to get others to experience through my posts and does this post effectively communicate my intention?

We all have the power to use gratitude for good. A suggestion for deciding what to share and what to ignore, unfollow or delete, is this – what did the post make you feel when you first read it? Is that emotion something you think you should prevent others from feeling or something you should provoke others to feel? Everyone loves feeling happy, uplifted, joyful, optimistic, included and grateful. Post what you feel grateful to have seen  on your feeds  and allow others to see your gratitude. Share it with the hashtag #sograteful or #thanksforthesmile or any other creative tag you can think of to group such great posts together!

Together, we can further the Mission of Global Gratitude and include everyone else who is not yet part of it. Get grateful. Become aware of what you’re grateful for that you experience in your life, allow yourself to feel consumed with great feelings and “share” how great you feel with everyone in social media land. #makegratitudegoviral #gratitudeisglobal


©Global Gratitude Group. 2016. All Rights Reserved.


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