Peace v. Stress

In Gratitude, one finds peace. In Gratitude, one finds a disposal of stressors. In Gratitude, one finds even more to be grateful for due to the absence of negative stress in their life.

True, telling most people to calm down is not usually received well. There really is not a nice, sugar-coated way to tell someone that they are stressed out to the max, to the point that it is stressing you out; when all you’re doing is sitting next to them.

Some of us live our lives at 145 km per hour (that’s about 90 mph for you folks in the States) and while that may work for them, it doesn’t work for me. I need peace. I need tranquility. I need calm. From when I was a young child, throughout my teen years and until about 27 – I had serious issues with managing stress. I was completely incapable. My stressors beat me up on all levels – emotional, physical and mental. They made me very ugly and I lived in a constant state of panic. I worried all the time about everything in my life, about things in others’ lives and mostly about things that I had absolutely no control over.

I had bosses who tried to micromanage me no matter where I worked, I allowed myself to get sucked into office politics and I took that element of my work home with me. I had stomach aches every single day to the point that I feared going into work because I knew who I had to deal with when I arrived. Every. Single. Day.

I sought solace everywhere I could that was anywhere other than where I was and when my lunch break ended I always wondered what would happen if I just didn’t go back. My work ethic is founded on fairness, equality, kindness and praise. Corporations today have it backwards, for the most part. Whether it’s a law practice, pizza joint or a coffee shop – it seems everyone has an agenda that usually results in hurting everyone, including them! Treat everyone equally; “be kind to one another” as Ellen says and tell people how great they are. They had to be great in order for them to be hired, right?

None of this makes any kind of sense to me. Why would anyone want to go to work to have to be near someone or multiple people who make their life a living hell?

But then, in time, the solutions become clear. That is, they are clear to those willing to see and acknowledge them.

First and foremost, one must be willing to see and acknowledge oneself for who he or she is – and most people are not willing to do this so the rest of this information that I’m about to share with you usually falls on deaf ears.

If you can see that no matter what direction your life has taken, who has come into it, who has left it, etc. – if you can see that the only constant factor in every single circumstance is you – continue reading. If you cannot see or accept this fact, continue reading – maybe you’ll change your mind.

One’s stress levels are born, live, breathe and grow within oneself – all by oneself – because of oneself. No one can make you feel an emotion you are not willing to feel. But you sure can. If someone can see what your vulnerabilities and weaker points are, they can highlight them and poke at them until their wear and tear on you is visible. They have taken control, you have surrendered and you’re the only one who cares – because you’re the only one suffering through your own stressors.

We are magnificent human beings and because we are “being” all the time, we are susceptible to the attempts of others to try to take our reigns and guide us where they want us to go. However, we are so magnificent that we can choose to engage those stressors or we can choose to kill them. Makes sense, right? If the stressors are born within, grow within, fester within, thrive within – then certainly we can kill them from within, right?

You can kill your stressors by just deciding that they don’t exist. Within minutes of deciding that you are not going to allow yourself to react in ways you seemingly always have, you kill a stressor. There are tons of those little boogers so just killing one is not killing one and done – you have to maintain your fight. If stress has eaten at you and has shaped the life you currently see as yours, you have quite the fight ahead.

Yet, if you can see yourself as the constant factor throughout your life and understand what I’ve told you, you have all the power you need to begin to change the game, take back your life, build it on a solid foundation of gratitude and you can finally get yourself a “peace” in your ultimate life. Peace is born within, grows within, thrives from within and as long as you nurture your peace like you nurtured your stressors, your peace will consume you and your life will be completely different. Give it a try!

Go have the best day of your life!


The Power of Gratitude



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