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Love Starts With Gratitude

i love you

It’s February and that means it’s the month of LOVE! Today’s message is simple.

One cannot experience the “ultimate” feelings of Gratitude without experiencing the feelings associated with love. To be grateful is to feel love for something or someone – a life circumstance, etc.

To get yourself centered in love, right now, just make five notes. If you’re reading this on your phone, open your “Notes” app and just quickly jot down five things you love. If you have a sticky note or some paper in the immediate area, you can literally write it down. When you jot down what you love, gain a visual perspective of that which you’re writing down and feel the feelings of love you experience when you interact with that person or circumstance.

To show you how easy it is, I’ll give you five of my own:

  • I am so grateful for temperatures in the sixties with clear, sunny skies!
  • I am so grateful for my family and all the love we share!
  • I am so grateful for smiles that greet me, words of encouragement and well wishes!
  • I am so grateful for surprises in the mail that remind me I am loved and thought of!
  • I am so grateful for my GPS – it helps guide my every day to being ULTIMATE!

What does a GPS have to do with it? It’s not the GPS you’re thinking of – it’s my Gratitude Practice Solution and I have examples on my website, which you can absolutely use and alter to make your own! Having a GPS is just the trick to getting where one wants to go at the fastest rate and a GPS that has an Ultimate Life as its destination STARTS with GRATITUDE!





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