Thanking Your Life in Advance

Written by The “Ultimate” Gratitude Guru, Dr. Johnny Bergstrom

Thank you for reading!

In my last post, we discussed the power of saying “thank you” and truly meaning it when we say it. Giving thanks often happens after something has occurred, but what would happen if we gave thanks before, as well?

As we know, thoughts become things. By thanking our lives in advance, we are powerfully directing our lives by attracting those types of circumstances and sometimes even exact actions into physical form. Thanking one’s life in advance is directing one’s life experiences with gratitude. The thoughts and feelings of gratitude emit frequencies that draw life experiences to us so that we can validate our feelings.

Let me give you an example. Most of us are more familiar with negative than positive, so we’ll start with that and work our way toward the opposite. Think of the last time you worried about money, how to deal with an undesirable coworker or rushed around out of fear of being late. How long did you spend at any given moment worrying or thinking about that? When you were thinking thoughts of worry, you were also simultaneously emitting strong feelings of anguish, fear, anxiety and the like; and unsurprisingly, your life circumstances most likely followed suit, giving you more reasons to experience anguish, fear, anxiety and worry.

Just as the intensity of those types of thoughts, paired with those types of feelings directed your life, so do the types of thoughts and feelings experienced with thanking your life in advance. If you think of what you’re grateful for, allow yourself to feel the amazing feelings that accompany those thoughts and then go look for what you’re grateful for to pop up in each day, you are powerfully attracting those circumstances and those circumstances become your life!

By thanking your life in advance, you give thanks for what you expect to occur and because you expect it, you have to look for it. The fun part is seeing if you can identify how your thanking has manifested into physical form, as it often appears in a different shape than we imagined it would and sometimes it happens exactly as we envisioned. If you can spot the gratitude, you will prove to yourself that your life is a result of your direction, which is administered first and foremost through gratitude.

Start thanking your life in advance and you will be on track toward creating an Ultimate Life!

Thank you!!


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