The Power of Saying “Thank You” – and Meaning It

a thank you


Written by The Gratitude Guru, Dr. Johnny Bergstrom


A message of gratitude can be expressed in every language in existence. Sometimes, displays of gratitude are not even spoken – like with Sign Language. Many cultures are deeply rooted in traditions associated with physical displays or gestures that express gratitude and are quite involved (from a Westerner’s point of view) but what I want to cover in this post is the spoken sentiment, “Thank You.”

Think of how many times a day you say “thank you” to various people (like those who hold doors for you), various circumstances (like when you have green traffic lights all the way to your destination), to the people who make your food or beverages, etc. Now think about how you give thanks. Giving thanks isn’t just saying thank you; it’s feeling emotions relative to the gesture and giving it to those we wish to thank. Consider how many things occur during a single day that make you feel wonderful, where you can’t help but smile and maybe let out a sigh while you declare how great that day is and how things are really going your way.

Now consider what just happened. Assuming you’ve been giving thanks, great circumstances and events have happened to and for you; you’ve been surrounding yourself with wonderful people who do things that make you feel good and that make you feel grateful; the reciprocation of your feelings is to give thanks to continue the cycle of giving that is giving you such a wonderful life!

I go out of my way to thank people whose actions show that they truly care about what they have done for me. I will even make special efforts to thank people who weren’t particularly outgoing or giving to me and I’ll thank them for something they did (even though they probably could have done it better) and don’t you know – the subsequent times I see them and interact with them, their attitudes are more cheerful, outgoing and giving of their unique talents and abilities and most importantly, they are living in an attitude of giving and receiving thanks and appreciation from more people! On top of all of that, their outlooks continue to change for the better!

Everyone likes to be appreciated, to feel good and to feel like they matter. When we say “thank you,” we are acknowledging each other. We are seeing each other. We are displaying “Namaste” – which I paraphrase to mean the light and love within me sees the light and love within you and I see you – you are not invisible and you DO matter. To say “thank you” to someone is one thing – to say it with full heart will always make a lasting impact on the recipient of the gratitude and will forever change their life.

Next time, I’ll tell you how intentionally direct your life and your experiences by putting gratitude, FIRST.

Now get out there and thank everyone you can, and MEAN IT! You’ll be amazed at how great it feels to give proper thanks, as well as how quickly your life circumstances improve! It’s FREE! Get a better life for FREE – how great is that!? See you next time!





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