The GPS – Gratitude Practice Solutions

Life GPS

Written by The “Ultimate” Gratitude Guru, Dr. Johnny Bergstrom

A Gratitude Practice Solution, or GPS, is one’s personal method or “practice” of being grateful which guides them toward reaching their gratitude ‘solution’.

Practice makes perfect and by practicing the giving of our gratitude, we reveal solutions to issues and questions that arise in our lives. Whether it’s a vase or jar that holds slips of paper that we’ve written what we’re grateful for, on – or if it is a gratitude journal that contains daily entries of all that we are grateful for on a daily basis; our methods, our “practices” are what contribute to our solutions.

A solution is anything that results from practicing gratitude. I like to think of solutions as Ultimate Life Circumstances – circumstances that exist because of the wonderful thoughts and feelings that were experienced in order to create such circumstances. The same thoughts and feelings that create said circumstances exist because of emotions that were felt and there is no greater way to access positive emotions and feelings than being grateful.

Giving thanks, practicing gratitude – they are both in direct correspondence with the Law of Attraction, which states that what is given is returned, essentially. In order to have positive life circumstances returned to us as our lives, we must first “give” something that directly corresponds to such. By giving gratitude, we are affirming our appreciation (a positive emotion and multiple instances of feelings and experiences) for what we have, thus, more is revealed to us to enjoy. We already have everything we could possibly want; it’s just a matter of revealing it or manifesting it into physical form.

I use the term “GPS” to describe this process for a couple reasons. We are all familiar with what a GPS is and how it works. We know that by entering a destination, the powers that be figure out where we are and tell us the easiest way to get where we want to be. With our lives, if we can figure out the types of lives we want to live and the kinds of experiences we want to have, we can use our “GPS” – our Gratitude Practice Solutions to get grateful for what we are currently experiencing (as well as what we expect to experience in the future) give thanks (gratitude and practice) for it NOW so it manifests (the solution) into physical form so we can enjoy it! We all have so many blessings to be grateful for and the quicker you can get grateful, the quicker you will be living an Ultimate Life!


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